Latest news – New round of elections expected in Greece

  • A new round of elections is expected in Greece

    Today the Greeks went to the polls.

    The first figures indicate that none of the parties will reach a majority.

    Thus, there is expected to be a new round of elections already in July.

    Read more here.

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  • Rapid police training sawn: “B-policemen”

    The government’s eagerness to make the police force grow faster hits the quality, writes Katharina von Sydow, president of the Police Association DN Debate.

    “Instead of pushing for increased growth by rapidly training B-police officers, the politicians need to make it more attractive to choose the police profession,” she writes.

    von Sydow instead suggests an extended education with increased opportunities to read further.

    The government’s growth target would mean 300 police officers per 100,000 inhabitants.

  • Man robbed in Kristianstad

    A man has been robbed of cash and a mobile phone by two perpetrators masked with mouth guards in central Kristianstad.

    The man was in the company of three children and was threatened with a knife-like object.

    The perpetrators left the scene on a vespa.

    No one should be physically injured, according to the police.

  • Man with iron pipe arrested

    A man in his 30s has been arrested by the police after throwing an iron pipe at the police station in Hisingen, reports the GP.

    The throw at the police station caused a broken window.

    A witness allegedly saw the man lunge with the iron pipe at several cars.

    – He is taken into custody, suspected of vandalism. But we are interrogating witnesses so that it can grow if it is true that he lashed out at motorists, says officer on duty at the police Fredrik Flyberg to the newspaper.

  • Outdoor swimming pool destroyed by the spring flood

    In Övertorneå, an outdoor bath has been pushed up several decimeters by the spring river and destroyed, NSD reports.

    SMHI has issued a red warning in the area for high flows and flooding.

    Water from the spring river has pushed under the basin and in some places pushed the concrete-cast basin up 80 centimeters.

    – There have been enormous forces in motion here, says Lars Niemi, the municipality’s property manager. to NSD.

  • Ash rain from Etna volcano – airport closes

    Etna during a previous eruption, in February 2022. Photo: Salvatore Allegra/AP

    Sicily’s second-largest city, Catania, halts departing and arriving flights after a shower of ash erupted from the active Etna volcano, reports La Repubblica.

    Incoming planes are now diverted to other airports.

    Strong rumblings could be heard as early as Sunday morning and volcano experts at the Etna observatory are unable to make any observations at the moment due to a rain cloud obscuring the top of the volcano.

  • Shoot rockets from car – people are chased by police

    The police are searching for two cars on the E4 in Salem outside Stockholm after witnesses saw passengers in the cars shooting rockets into the air.

    “It may be a matter of supporters who are on their way to a sporting event,” the police write on their website.

  • Search called off – bike owner found

    Photo: Bornholm police

    Danish police launched a major operation after a pink children’s bicycle was found abandoned by a watercourse in Bornholm.

    Divers, dog patrols and drones searched the area before the owner finally came forward, writes TV2.

    The search has now been cancelled.

  • One person found dead in water

    A person has been found dead in a lake outside Gävle.

    – The public has found a dead person in the water and alerted the police. We have gone there together with the emergency services, says Mathias Rutegård, press spokesperson for police region Mitt.

    At the moment, it is unclear what has happened and the police do not yet have any criminal suspicions.

  • Knifeman chased person

    A man with a knife has been seen chasing another person in Masthugget in Gothenburg, reports GP.

    The drama is said to have taken place in connection with a parking garage, where the man is suspected of having pointed his knife at a person by a car and then started chasing the person.

    – Police on site are trying to find out what has happened, says Caroline Karlsson, police spokesperson, to the newspaper.

    According to the police’s website, narcotics were allegedly found in the car.

    No one has been arrested.

  • Car and motorhome in head-on collision – five to hospital

    Photo: Mikael Nilsson

    A car and a motorhome have collided head-on on route 21 outside Kristianstad.

    The police and ambulance have been called to the scene and the road has been closed in both directions.

    Five people, three adults and two children, have been taken to hospital.

    – One or more must have received serious injuries, says Filip Annas, press spokesperson for police region South.

    At present, it is unclear what caused the accident.

    – We are getting an idea of ​​what has happened and are talking to witnesses, says Filip Annas.

  • Fire in the forest in Vårby

    There is a fire in a forest area in Vårby. According to the police, there will be a fire in the ground.

    The emergency services and the police are on the scene.

    According to Aftonbladet’s information, a person must have been seen starting the fire.

    – A criminal investigation has been launched and we are on site with two patrols. We believe that someone has been careless and that the fire has started, says Ola Österling, press spokesperson for the Stockholm Police.

  • Zelensky changes his mind – Bachmut not occupied

    This morning at the G7 meeting in Japan, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was asked if the city is in “Ukraine’s hands”:

    – No, I don’t think so, the president said then.

    Now Zelensky says that the city is not occupied, reports Sky News.

  • Biden assured: F-16 not into Russia

    Joe Biden is said to have spoken further about the green light he gave to Western countries to freely contribute US F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, report reporters on the ground during the G7 meeting in Hiroshima

    “I have been assured that Ukraine will not use warplanes to enter Russian territory,” US President Joe Biden is reported to have said.

    Yesterday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said that Western countries are running “enormous risks” in case they send warplanes to Ukraine.

  • Children and adults in a car accident on the E45

    A passenger car and a car with a caravan have collided on the E45 north of Orsa.

    One car is now supposed to be on its roof, according to the police.

    Both adults and children are involved in the accident and there is currently no information on the extent of the injuries.

    Emergency services and police have been called to the scene.

    Update: No one is said to have been injured in the accident.

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  • A question regarding the article about the skyscrapers in NY

    “In 2021, Hurricane Ida also bore down on the city, causing several drownings. Scientists say both tragedies were exacerbated by global warming.”

    What are those scientists called? I want to search and read more.

    Gunilla Brolin

    Hi Gunilla!

    The research study can be read here.

    All’s Well,


  • What happened to the elderly man who refused to move his car after having his tires punctured by mats of nails last winter?


    Hi Anna!

    The last I read about him was in The Wermlands newspaper in November.

    Then he would buy a new car after living in the old one for two weeks. He then said that he intended to lift the broken car into the air and leave it at the scene.

    He also told us at Aftonbladet that he would register the old car at the National Police Board.

  • If you throw fags everywhere they will rot and if so how long will it take to empty them please


    Hello! According to the organization Keep Sweden Clean, it takes approximately 1-5 years for a discarded cigarette butt to decompose into microplastic.

    “Microplastic can take 100 years before it disappears, if it even does,” they also write.

  • Why is only one of the spy brothers named and pictured?


    Hello! Both are named in the article. Why we only have one picture of Payam Kia is because the article is about him.

  • What has happened to Aftonbladet directly? Previously, you ended up directly on the news you clicked on, but now you always end up at the top and have to scroll down through the feed to get to the article you are interested in reading. Wish that feature came back.


    Hello! Some readers seem to have had issues with it over the past few days so we’ll check it out! If you haven’t updated the app, you can test with that as well (if you read via the app, that is).

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