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New Israeli army chief wants to ‘prepare for war’

today at 12.44 Nelly Kronstrand

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed Herzi Halevi as the new head of the country’s military forces, TT reports.

– We will prepare the army for war on fronts both near and far, he says during a ceremony led by Netanyahu.

Herzi Halevi has previously been the leader of the country’s military intelligence service and deputy army chief.

During the ceremony, Herzi Halevi also says that Israel will not be drawn into “meaningless wars”, but that it will “fight on decisive days”.

Latest news

  • Electric kick cyclist to hospital after collision with car

    Shortly after lunch, the police, ambulance and emergency services were called to a roundabout in Örebro after a collision between an electric scooter rider and a car.

    The electric kick cyclist has been taken to hospital by ambulance. The person’s injury status is still unclear.

    The police have drawn up a traffic accident report to investigate whether any of the people involved may be suspected of a crime.

  • Several dead after collision between bus and truck

    At least 19 people have died and 24 have been injured in northern Senegal after a bus and truck collided, reports Al Jazeera.

    The accident occurred early Monday morning near the village of Sakal, local rescue services told AFP.

  • Wolf shot from helicopter

    A wolf has been shot from a helicopter outside Ånäset, reports The north.

    The wolf, which is suspected of having injured and mauled several reindeer in the area, was tracked down on Friday.

    – We tracked it the day before and had a good idea of ​​where it was, then there was snow in the morning which made it easy to track the wolf and we could shoot it from a helicopter, Jonas Gustafsson, surveillance coordinator at the Nature Conservation Unit, told the newspaper.

    Also in the area around Lövånger, the wolf is said to have dispersed reindeer herds for Malå Sami village.

    The wolf was shot on Saturday.

    – We thought that the limit had been reached now, says Ulf Bergelin at the county board SVT Västerbotten.

  • Illustrator Jane Bark is dead – aged 91

    Jane Bark is dead, says the illustrator’s son Today’s news.

    During her career, Jane Bark worked, among other things, as an advertising cartoonist for Dagens nyheter, an illustrator for Femina and a portraitist for Fokus.

    Jane Bark was 91 years old.

  • High Chaparral under water

    The amusement park High Chaparral, south of Jönköping, has been flooded, reports Jönköpings-Posten.

    Large parts of the campsite and park are now under water.

    – For just over a day, the water level has passed the level we saw in 2020. In less than a day, the level has risen by 14 cm and the water masses have therefore reached surfaces that were not affected three years ago, says Mathias Bergendahl, CEO.

    SMHI has issued several warnings for flooding in the area.

  • Several are sentenced to prison for revenge after the murder of Adriana

    Eight men were sentenced on Monday for involvement in an attempted murder in connection with a shooting in Vällingby in autumn 2020, reports P4 Stockholm.

    According to the district court, the shooting was an attempt at revenge for the shooting in Norsborg on the second of August 2020, when 12-year-old Adriana was shot to death.

    The length of the men’s sentences varies between just under four to just over fifteen years. Two of the men are also convicted of preparation for murder.

  • No preliminary investigation on Erdogan puppet

    Prosecutor Lucas Eriksson at the City Prosecutor’s Office in Stockholm has judged that the action with a hoisted Erdogan doll was not criminal.

    – I received the case as defamation, but did not think it could amount to defamation. Therefore, I decided not to initiate a preliminary investigation, says Lucas Eriksson.

    The decision has been formally made and the prosecutor has moved on with other cases.

    – A review can be requested, and then a chief prosecutor can look into it, says Lucas Eriksson.

  • Man arrested – suspected of killing woman

    A man in his 30s is suspected of murder since a woman in Luleå was found dead on Sunday morning.

    The woman is in her 40s and according to the police, they were familiar with each other.

    The police are investigating the incident further and a technical examination will be carried out in the home where the woman was found.

  • Avalanche in Norway

    A large search effort is underway after an avalanche has occurred on Trysilfjället in Norway, writes VG.

    – An avalanche has been reported and we are currently searching to see if there may be people in the avalanche, says operations leader Per Solberg to the newspaper.

    Two avalanche dogs are on site to help in the search.

    Update: One person is said to have made it out of the avalanche unharmed. The search effort has ended.

  • Hovering helicopter in central Stockholm brought down refrigerator

    On Monday morning, several people witnessed how a helicopter, hovering over an apartment building on Södermalm in Stockholm, brought down an unknown object.

    – That’s right. We were contacted before about a private helicopter bringing down a large refrigerator or similar in a courtyard on Södermalm, says Carina Skagerlind, press spokesperson at the Stockholm Police.

    A person who was at the scene during the descent says that the incident initially looked serious.

    – I was afraid that it was a shooting or a fire. But a refrigerator? It’s really fun. I’m glad it wasn’t about anything serious, he says.

  • One death after cottage fire

    One person has died in a fire in a cabin in Åsljunga in Örkelljunga municipality.

    The fire broke out on Sunday night.

    The incident is being investigated as arson.

    – It is classified as it allows us to carry out a technical investigation and investigate it further, says Patric Fors, press spokesperson for police region South.

    Relatives are informed of the death.

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    Latest news

  • Is sugar-free soda also included in the Swedish Food Agency’s tax increase?


    Hey! In the radio feature, only drinks with sugar in them are mentioned.

  • Hello, do you know who hung the doll?

    Hope they have sense enough to realize what they have done, it is Sweden’s security they have played with, somewhere there must be a limit to freedom.


    There was a guy called Andreas and a few others.

    You can read more about it here.

  • Hi, I wonder how it can be allowed in Sweden to hang a doll at the feet of a political figure. Can’t be democracy!

    It is forbidden to do the Hitelrhälsning should be the same prohibition and violation to hang a doll by the feet.

    – Gunnar Olsson

    Banning the expression of opinions (even less well-thought-out, incorrect, offensive or anti-democratic ones) can easily put democracy out of whack…

    The appropriateness of this week’s puppet protest in Stockholm can be debated. Which it does. But no one has been hurt.

    Johanna Frändén has written a column on the subject, you can read it here.

  • Why don’t you write anything about the heavy floods in Protaras and Ayia Napa in Cyprus?


    Thanks for the tip from you and a few other readers, Tina – it led to a notice!

  • Reacted strongly to your information about the bear bitten man. Does this mean that there are now bears in Norrtälje?

    Marie Simling

    Nasty to be bitten by a bear.

    There are bears in the forests in the northern parts of Norrtälje municipality, around Hallstavik and up towards Östhammar.

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