Latest news – Naked woman found murdered in French river

  • Naked woman found murdered in French river

    A 23-year-old woman has been found dead in a river in Lanester in northwestern France.

    The body was discovered on Saturday morning and showed signs of strangulation and injuries to the upper body.

    One person has now been arrested on suspicion of murder, according to information BFMTV.

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  • Car and tractor in collision – five injured

    A passenger car and a tractor have collided outside Bromölla municipality at the height of Gonarp. Police, emergency services and an ambulance are on their way to the scene.

    According to the alarm, it is about a side impact and five people are supposed to be involved.

    At the moment, there is no information on the state of the damage.

    The road will be closed during the rescue work.

  • EU: Russia must be held accountable for attacks

    Damage to a building after the night’s attacks on Kiev. Photo: Vasilisa Stepanenko / AP

    The EU’s security spokesperson, Nabila Massrali, wants Russian attacks on civilian targets to have legal consequences.

    “Russia’s leaders and perpetrators will be held accountable. We stand firm in helping Ukraine defend itself,” Massrali writes on Twitter.

    Furthermore, she writes:

    “Russia’s barbaric attacks continue, terrorizing civilians: attacks on hospitals in Dnipro and now at dawn in Kiev”.

  • The derailment could cost hundreds of millions

    A train from Arlanda express derailed during travel early on Saturday morning.

    Now the repair of trains and rails is expected to cost the company hundreds of millions of kroner, reports say The Express.

    – Among other things, we have to replace around a kilometer of rails, says CEO Magnus Zetterberg to the newspaper.

  • Large fire in terraced house – two to hospital

    There is a fire in a block of terraced houses in Vällingby in western Stockholm.

    Rescue services from eight fire stations are on site and working to extinguish the fire.

    – Two of the apartments have caught fire and there is still fire on the roof, says Håkan Eriksson, line operator at the rescue service.

    Three people have been injured, but none seriously, according to TT.

    By 7 p.m., the fire service had brought the fire under control.

    The alarm came in at 3:21 p.m.

  • Canal in Venice has been colored green

    Photo: Vigili del Fuoco, Twitter

    The water in Venice’s main canal, the Grand Canal, has been dyed green.

    The authorities are now trying to find the cause of the green water, the Italian rescue service announces.

    The authorities have called a crisis meeting with the police to understand what happened and to come up with possible measures against the green water.

  • Big fire in barn – train traffic is stopped

    A preliminary investigation into aggravated arson has been started. Photo: Pontus Stenberg.

    During the afternoon, an alarm came in about a fire in a barn in Järna.

    – It is a fully developed fire with a risk of spreading to nearby buildings. We are there to support the emergency services, says Rebecca Landberg, spokesperson for the Stockholm Police.

    According to SOS Alarm, no one was injured in the fire, and at the moment the police have no information on whether any animals were injured.

    A large cloud of black smoke can be seen at the scene.

    – We have started a preliminary investigation regarding aggravated arson, says Rebecca Landberg.

    Due to the intensity of the fire, all train traffic that passes the route between Södertälje and Järna has been stopped, the Swedish Transport Agency announces.

    The routes affected according to SJ are trains from Stockholm to Malmö and Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Olso and Borås.

  • Chaotic before the derby – punches and spats

    Anna Sjögren Photo: Soccer fans on Götgatan in Stockholm.

    It has been noisy in Skanstull in Stockholm before derby between Djurgården and AIK.

    Among other things, the police have been alerted that two doors have been vandalized and that football supporters have exposed passers-by to various types of abuse.

    – We have received reports that people have been punched in the face and spat on. They have targeted people who have nothing to do with the match, says Rebecca Landberg, spokesperson for the Stockholm Police.

  • Sheep on E6

    The police have been alerted that an unknown number of sheep are on the E6 between Stenungsund and Jörlanda, GP reports.

    – Sheep are outside the fence and according to reports also people, probably someone trying to drive them in, says Stefan Gustafsson, press spokesperson for police region West, to the newspaper.

    One lane has been temporarily closed while waiting for the animals to get back on the right side of the fence.

    Update: When the police arrived at the scene, it turned out that it was a sheep that was on the road. The sheep has now been helped to get back to its pasture.

  • Nuclear power plants are at a standstill – as are electricity prices

    Nuclear power plants Forsmark 1 and 2. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT / TT News Agency

    Electricity prices move only marginally from low levels during Monday, despite the fact that several nuclear power reactors are at a standstill, writes TT.

    In electricity area 4, the electricity will cost 3.4 öre per kWh, and in electricity area 3 the price ends up at 1.9 öre. During Sunday, the prices were 4.7 and 1.2 öre per kWh, respectively.

    In electricity areas 1 and 2, the minus prices are changed on Sunday to minus 0.3 öre against 0.5 öre per kWh on Monday.

    Both Forsmark 1 and Forsmark 2, as well as the nuclear power plant in Oskarshamn, are out of service at the moment for shorter or longer repair stops.

  • The stolen car was discovered by the police – the suspected thieves were sleeping in the car

    A week ago, someone broke into a woman’s home in Norrköping. During the break-in, car keys to the woman’s car were lost.

    A few days later, on Saturday morning, the woman discovers that the car was stolen during the night and calls the police.

    When the car is to be called, the police discover that it has been checked during the night, then in a parking garage in Norrköping. As the people in the car were under the influence, the police took the car key.

    The police then send a patrol to the parking garage, where the car remains. The two people who were checked are sleeping in the car.

    The persons are now suspected of possession of means of transportation but may be suspected of more crimes.

  • Woman missing – police ask for tips

    A woman in her 60s has been reported missing in Älvsbyn.

    She is about 170 centimeters tall, has short hair and blue eyes. It is unclear how she was dressed when she disappeared, but she usually wears a dark green windbreaker, according to the police.

    If you see the woman, you are asked to call 112.

    If you have made other observations that could lead to her being found, you are asked to call 114 14.

    Update: The woman is found alive.

  • A man is accused of wearing a guard’s shirt in the pub

    A man in Borlänge went to a Christmas party with work wearing a law enforcement officer’s shirt, as he wanted to “joke” it up a bit.

    The group then went out to a pub where the man was confronted by security guards, reports the Dala Democrat.

    Now the man is charged with impersonation of a public position. The indictment states that the man “was wearing a law enforcement officer’s shirt without having the right to do so and thereby gave the appearance of being an orderly law enforcement officer.”

  • The consumption of energy drinks has increased fivefold

    In twelve years, the consumption of energy drinks has almost quintupled in Sweden.

    This is shown by statistics from Sweden’s Breweries, reports Sweden’s Radio Echo.

    – It’s about this eternal thing that we need to cheer ourselves up, we need to get drunk, we need to max ourselves out and enjoy ourselves, says Ingela Stenson, global analyst at United Minds, to the radio.

  • Cluster of cyclists hit

    A car has driven into a cluster of cyclists in Nora municipality.

    – The passenger car must have traveled at 70 kilometers per hour, says Nina Begallo, team leader at SOS alarm.

    According to information to SOS alarm, there should be around twenty bicycles involved.

    Two people are said to be seriously injured and have been taken to hospital by ambulance.

    – So far we are working with it as a traffic accident, but how it will be labeled later I don’t know right now, says Ola Olsson, press spokesperson at the police.

    Read more about the event here.

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  • Regarding the flag day when the king celebrates 50 years on the throne. It is very appropriate. But will it be an annual flag day or will it only happen in 2023?


    Hi Rolf!

    The government’s proposal is for a “temporary public flag day”. It therefore only applies to 2023.

  • What happens at Stockholm Central Station? Stuck on a train that is not allowed to go due to police action.


    Hey Henrik!

    According to the Swedish Transport Administration, there must be unauthorized persons moving on the track area at Stockholm C.

    Right now there is no forecast for when traffic can resume.

  • Oh, what a nice report you made about the hospital horse Snowball & the dog Chip!!

    So lovely to be able to read about something nice between all the misery that is happening around the world!! Thank you!😊


  • Which channels are down is out with the boat, but we don’t get any information

    Kalle with the sailor hat

    It was the Swedish terrestrial network that messed up, so among others SVT and TV4 but also a bunch of pay channels.

    But now it should work again, according to Teracom.

    Enjoy the sailing Kalle! 🙂

  • Totally agree with the signature

    “Newsletter day week”.

    AB’s journalists in this column only answer the questions that suit them. Sossar is not better than others.


    We answer as many as we can and have time, Janssont.

    If we don’t have a good answer, you can take your question to another forum.

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