Latest news – Musk: Has found a new Twitter manager

  • Musk: Has found a new Twitter boss

    Twitter owner Elon Musk has found a new CEO, he announced on the social media platform.

    “She will start in six weeks!” he writes.

    So far, it has not been communicated who is actually taking over.

    Musk announced he was stepping down as CEO late last year after holding a poll in which users thought he should step down.

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  • The painters’ union says no: “The strike will break out tomorrow”

    390 painters at 22 workplaces across the country are getting ready to strike on Friday.

    It writes Painters trade magazine.

    The painting companies want to remove the skill requirement in the collective agreement and want to see longer trial jobs.

    – This is what our members are prepared to strike to prevent. Without requirements for professional competence, status and salary will drop. Then we might as well pack up, says Lars Jahnke, painter and conflict manager to the newspaper.

    The union has said no to the new agreement, Måleriföretagen writes on its website.

    “This currently means that the announced strike will break out tomorrow at 12.00”

    The strike can be canceled if the parties reach an agreement before 12 noon on Friday.

  • Robbers were beaten with the attachment

    Another man was robbed in Västra Götaland during the evening. In Åsensbruk, a man was robbed and assaulted with the help of three other men.

    A while later, three men were arrested in Mellerud on suspicion of the robbery.

    At the moment, the police cannot rule out connections to the previous incident where a man was threatened and beaten in Dals-ed, which is near Mellerud.

  • They were threatened with a gun and beaten with a hammer

    Three men broke into a man’s home in Dals-Ed in Västra Götaland during the afternoon.

    The man was sleeping when they broke in. He was then threatened with a gun-like object and assaulted with punches, kicks and a hammer. Even though the man was injured, he did not want to go to the hospital with an ambulance.

    The incident is now being investigated as aggravated unlawful threat, aggravated breach of domestic peace, aggravated weapons offense and aggravated assault.

    At the moment, no one has been arrested and the police have cordoned off the scene for a technical investigation.

  • Swedish soldier charged for shooting Norwegian woman

    A Swedish soldier is accused of shooting a woman with live ammunition during an exercise in Norway, Nerikes Allehanda reports.

    The woman is said to have been shot in the stomach with a handgun during an exercise with loose ammunition. Her injuries are said to have been life-threatening.

    The prosecutor believes that the soldier has “neglected to arrange the weapon for loose firing by mounting a loose firing device or alternatively by removing the mechanism from the weapon”.

    The soldier is now being prosecuted at Örebro district court, suspected of causing grievous bodily harm. According to the prosecutor, the crime should be assessed as serious as military combat exercises require “special attention and skill”.

  • Billström: Ready to label the Wagner group a terrorist

    Yevgeny Prigozhin surrounded by private army soldiers. Photo: AP

    Foreign Minister Tobias Billström wants the EU to label the Wagner group a terrorist, he says so Today’s news.

    On Tuesday, a resolution was adopted in France that the EU should label the Russian private army as a terrorist. Now the foreign minister is opening up for the same thing.

    – Sweden is ready to work to create unity within the EU to list Wagner under the EU’s terrorism sanctions as soon as there are legal prerequisites for it, says Tobias Billström in a written comment to DN.

    In order for the Wagner group to be covered by the EU’s terrorism sanctions, a national authority, such as a court or prosecutor, needs to initiate a preliminary investigation or a prosecution against the group, explains Billström.

  • Motorcycle accident on the E4

    An accident has occurred on the E4 near Salem.

    – We have a patrol on site and a motorcycle will be recovered from the scene, says Towe Hägg, press spokesperson at the police.

    The extent of the damage is currently unclear.

    According to the Swedish Transport Administration, the accident has a very large impact on traffic and is estimated to have until 19.45.

  • Danish teenager sentenced for terrorist crime

    On Thursday afternoon, the court in Holbæk on the island of Zealand sentenced a 16-year-old boy to five and a half years in prison for violating the terrorism legislation, Jyllands-Posten reports.

    He is convicted on several counts. Among them, he allegedly tried to recruit a friend to a right-wing extremist group and shared instructions on how to make bombs and extremist material via the Telegram messaging service.

    When the boy was arrested last spring, the police found a flag and armband with Nazi symbols as well as Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf”.

    The 16-year-old has appealed the sentence to the Supreme Court.

  • Forest fire outside Skepplanda

    There is a forest fire outside Skepplanda.

    – We have an extensive resource package in place. The extinguishing work is going well, but the forecast is unclear, says Micael Olsson at the Greater Gothenburg Rescue Service.

    The area that is burning is 3 hectares in size.

  • Tove’s relatives appeal

    Tove’s family wants Johanna Leshem Jansson to be sentenced to higher damages. Photo: The police

    Tove’s relatives appeal one of the judges, write Vetlanda-Posten.

    The family wants Johanna Leshem Jansson to pay the same amount of damages as Maja Hellman.

    Eksjö district court has sentenced Maja Hellman to pay SEK 130,000 in damages to the five relatives, which they requested.

    Johanna Jansson, on the other hand, was sentenced to only pay 110,000 kroner in damages to them, despite the fact that the district court found that she had been the more active in the crimes.

  • Fire ban in Stockholm County

    The county administrative board has introduced a fire ban in the entire Stockholm county as of Thursday evening, the county administrative board writes in a press release.

    They have decided that together with the rescue services and based on SMHI’s forecasts.

    The ban applies until further notice.

    You may, however, grill on your own property and fixed barbecue areas in public areas.

    The recent dry and hot weather has led to a high fire risk in forests and land.

  • WHO: Monkey pox no longer a global threat

    Monkeypox, or mpox, is no longer a global health emergency, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

    After the big outbreak last year, where around a hundred people lost their lives, cases have decreased in recent months.

    Much thanks to a vaccine becoming widely available.

  • 7,200 turkeys burned inside: “It was a short life”

    7,200 newly hatched turkeys have burned inside Norway. ATTENTION! Genre picture Photo: Matt Rourke

    7,200 turkeys have burned inside after a fire broke out in a turkey house on Helgøya in Norway on Thursday.

    The turkeys were hatched on Wednesday, says police operations manager Stig Folstad Hansen VG.

    – It was a short life. The roof has collapsed and the fire brigade is working to prevent the spread. We are still there.

    According to the local emergency services, the building was quickly engulfed in flames after they received an alarm about the development of smoke and arrived at the scene.

    No people are said to have been injured in the fire.

  • Supreme Court: Arrest of Imran Khan was illegal

    Large protests erupted after the arrest of Imran Khan. Photo: AP

    The arrest of Imran Khan, former Prime Minister of Pakistan was illegal. That’s what Pakistan’s Supreme Court thinks, the BBC reports.

    The court demands his immediate release.

    Imran Khan was arrested by the country’s anti-corruption agency on Tuesday and large protests broke out in several parts of the country.

    At least 10 people have been killed and 2,000 people have been arrested in the violent protests since the arrest.

  • Bread may contain stones – recalled


    Semper recalls the gluten-free bread “Trio breakfast bread”. In a shipment of pumpkin seeds, some foreign objects were discovered, including small stones.

    Semper is now asking everyone who bought the bread with certain expiration dates to throw it away.

    The affected products have expiration dates: May 16, May 23, May 28, June 8, July 4 and July 9. The product has article number 5630.

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  • To what extent do all these fires that have ravaged the world in recent years contribute? Have they caused us to get further from the climate target with emissions?


    Hello! Partially. The fires release large amounts of carbon from the vegetation in the form of carbon dioxide, which in turn further increases global warming.

  • Why does Russia celebrate a Victory Day from 1945? The Russian Federation was formed in 1991 and has nothing to do with WWII. At the time, Russia was only a state in the Soviet Union.


    Victory Day began to be celebrated in Russia after the fall of Nazi Germany in 1945. In fact, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the parades stopped for a while. But in 1995 the celebration was resumed again.

  • Danny Saucedo isn’t making his acting debut now is he? Wasn’t he in Evil?


    Entirely correct! He was an extra in the fight scene in Ondskan.

    However, he himself says that “Scenes from a Marriage” is his acting debut. Maybe he himself makes a difference between extras and acting?

    Regardless – well done Ninna!

  • Which party in Sweden is the 9th largest?



    The largest party outside the Riksdag, i.e. the ninth largest party, is the Nyans party. They received 28,352 votes, which is equivalent to 0.44 percent of the turnout in the 2022 election.

    In the 2018 and 2014 elections, the Feminist initiative was the largest, but they have retreated significantly and were in this election at 0.05 percent.

  • Shouldn’t journalists be able to tell the difference between them and them?


    Hi Ante! You may think so, of course, but we are not flawless and can make mistakes. We correct them when they are brought to our attention by our colleagues or our keen readers!

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