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Man badly beaten – taken to hospital

today at 00.27 Josefine Karlsson

A man has been subjected to a serious assault in Motala.

– We are there and working on the case and I cannot say much more about it at the moment. It happened outside around 9 p.m. and we are taking investigative measures right now, says duty officer Robert Gustavsson.

The man has been taken to hospital.

– What I have learned about the injury situation is that he should be in good condition so it should not be a serious injury, says Robert Gustavsson.

At the moment, no person has been detained.

Latest news

  • Double letter bombs to embassies and arms companies

    Police at the Embassy of Ukraine in Madrid. Photo: Paul White/AP

    A letter bomb was sent to the Ukrainian ambassador in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday. An employee at the embassy received the package and was slightly injured.

    An arms company also had a similar package sent to its headquarters in Zaragoza during the day, reports say El País.

    Security officials became suspicious and alerted the police, who destroyed the package. That company is said to have sent grenades to Ukraine, as part of Spain’s military aid.

    The incident has prompted the Ministry of the Interior to act and warn that new shipments may arrive.

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has called on all Ukrainian embassies to increase security.

  • One to hospital after full blown fire

    Police, emergency services and ambulance were called at 9.30 pm to an address in Kungsbacka in connection with a fire. The police write on their website that according to the alarm, it is a fully developed fire in an apartment.

    – The emergency services have several units still on the scene and are still working. An ambulance has left the scene and is taking the patient to hospital, says Lucas Hettman, team leader at SOS Alarm.

  • Incitement against a group of people outside a synagogue

    A licensed public gathering was held in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm on Wednesday evening and in connection with that a group of counter-protesters appeared. The police decided to keep the groups apart.

    A group of people who had briefly attended the gathering with a permit then held their own gathering in the park despite not having a permit. They later moved on towards a nearby synagogue and made gestures and shouted, causing the police to write a report of incitement against a group of people.

    – No one is said to have been physically harmed, says Daniel Wikdahl, press spokesperson for the police in the Stockholm region.

    The police also drew up two reports of unauthorized assembly.

  • Double dog thefts outside shops

    Two dogs were stolen from outside shops in Hornstull, Stockholm, within a few hours.

    At 2:30 p.m., a woman tied up her dog outside a shop. When she came out, the dog was gone and she was sure it couldn’t tear itself away. With the help of security guards, the woman was able to track the dog to Gullmarsplan, where a drunken man came walking with the dog at 4 pm. He was taken into police custody and the woman was reunited with her dog.

    At 5:30 p.m., another woman leaves her dog outside a shop in Hornstull and sees at the same time how a man takes the dog with him and disappears towards Tanto. Just over an hour later, a police patrol encounters the man, who is under the influence of drugs.

    “The man resists when he is to be checked and argues with the patrol,” the police write on their website.

    He is arrested on suspicion of theft, violence against an official, violent resistance and drug possession. The dog is returned to its owner.

  • Municipality exposed to suspected cyber attack

    The municipality of Norrköping may be exposed to a cyber attack.

    The municipality writes on its website that they received “indications of a possible cyber security incident in the municipality’s IT environment”.

    External experts are now investigating and analyzing what happened and the municipality has activated its crisis management.

    – In the municipality of Norrköping, we have carried out several initiatives over the years to strengthen our IT security and our routines. This means that we are prepared for different scenarios should it happen that we end up in a difficult situation, says Anna Selander, acting municipal director.

    The municipality has informed MSB, the Swedish Agency for Community Protection and Preparedness.

  • Great need for blood before Christmas

    Before Christmas and New Year, 1,500 blood bags are needed every weekday within Sweden’s healthcare system.

    This is stated by the regional cooperation Geblod in one press release.

    Fewer blood donors donate blood during the holidays and now health care wants blood donors to donate blood during the weeks of December in order to be ready at the end of the month.

    On average, one blood bag is used per minute, all year round, in Swedish healthcare.

    The need before Christmas is greatest in the metropolitan regions and where the university hospitals are located.

    – All blood groups are needed and we hope that many of our blood donors will have the opportunity to visit us before Christmas. I find it hard to think of a better Christmas present than one that saves lives, says Ingrid Johansson, chairman of GeBlod Kommunikation.

  • Reports of technical glitches at Youtube

    Several users have reported technical problems with Youtube, according to Downdetector.

    Thousands of users in, among other places, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the USA and Canada have noticed disturbances on the platform.

  • Fleetwood Mac artist Christine McVie dead

    Fleetwood Mac singer and songwriter Christine McVie has died. It is stated by relatives, reports BBC.

    She was behind several of the group’s hits such as Little Lies, Everywhere, Don’t Stop, Say You Love Me, and Songbird.

    Christine McVie was 79 years old. She died in hospital with her loved ones around her.

    “We would like everyone to keep Christine in their hearts and remember this incredible person and musician who was loved everywhere,” the family said in a statement.

    Read more here.

  • Africa’s richest woman is wanted all over the world

    Isabel Dos Santos, 49, is the daughter of Angola’s former president and is said to be the richest woman in Africa. She is now wanted internationally and Interpol has classified her case as “red”, reports Reuters.

    This means that police authorities around the world are being asked to assist in locating her and subsequently apprehending her.

    She has been suspected of corruption for several years and is accused of having, together with her husband, transferred large sums of state money, around 1 billion dollars, to companies in which they themselves owned shares. She has repeatedly denied the allegations.

    Read more here.

  • The Fed chief: Not as steep interest rate increases in the future

    There will be lower interest rate increases in the US going forward.

    This is what the head of the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, says during Wednesday’s report New York Times and CNBC.

    The Fed will slow down and not hike as aggressively as before. But according to Powell, a restrictive monetary policy is still required to bring down inflation.

    – Despite some promising developments, we have a long way to go, says Powell.

    Read more here.

  • Two seriously injured in four-car crash

    Four cars have been involved in a traffic accident outside Norrköping. The accident happened around 5 pm on Wednesday.

    Two of the cars have collided head-on and the drivers have been taken to hospital with serious injuries. Three of the vehicles will need to be towed from the scene.

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    Latest news

  • In December last year, the war in Ukraine had not started, so you can stop defending electricity prices with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


    We have no intention or reason to “defend” any high electricity prices.

  • Hey!

    How old are you when you write “at the age of 55”?

    Are you 55, 51, 59 or does everything between 51 and 59 fit in?

    Why not just write the correct age?


    People aged 55 are older than 51 but they are not 59 ?

    Sometimes we write like that because we don’t know exactly.

    It can also be for publicity reasons. To protect the person’s identity a little extra.

  • Hi, just want to urge everyone to wear reflectors.many are wearing dark clothes and can’t be seen, especially now when it’s dark and rainy! You are terrified of running over someone when they are just stepping out into the street!


    Thanks for the reminder, Eva!

  • Why is it that every single event – which is normal year after year – is predicted to send electricity prices soaring? Everything so far happens regularly?


    Even if something happens regularly, there may be reasons to report, for example if many people are affected.

    New for this year is the war in Ukraine, which means that Europe no longer receives gas from Russia.

    That is one of the reasons why electricity has become expensive in Europe – and thus in Sweden, because we have a common electricity market with other countries.

  • Hi I haven’t seen any report on how hot it is during the World Cup in soccer. There were a lot of discussions before.

    Said Östberg

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