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Latest news

High Swedish confidence in NATO

today at 22.22 Nora Fernstedt

Sweden has not been allowed to join yet – but the Swedes still have high confidence in NATO.

52 percent have high or very high confidence in the defense alliance, shows the latest Som survey from the University of Gothenburg, which TT reports on.

By way of comparison, for example, trust in the courts and the Swedish defense is 58 and 55 percent, respectively.

At the same time, support for Swedish NATO membership has increased considerably.

When the survey was conducted last fall, 64 percent thought that it was “a good proposal” for Sweden to join NATO. 14 percent thought it was bad.

On the corresponding question in 2021, both answers were just under 30 percent.

Latest news

  • Cheated of SEK 45,000 – the police warn

    The police were contacted this evening by a person in their 80s in Habo who got rid of 45,000 kroner.

    The person had been called several times by a fraudster and tricked into giving out information linked to their bank card.

    The perpetrator pretended to be calling from a telephone operator.

    Now the police want to urge relatives to warn their elderly relatives and acquaintances.

    “It has happened in the past that perpetrators pretend to be relatives of the person who is the victim of the crime. Therefore, it is best to completely avoid leaving bank or card details regardless of who calls,” the police write on their website.

  • Suspected dangerous object in Lindesberg

    The police have currently cordoned off a small area north of Lindesberg.

    This is because of an item that is deemed unsafe.

    The national bomb shelter is in place.

    The item is located in a parking lot in a residential area and the nearest residential buildings are evacuated while the item is handled by the police. The eviction includes five homes.

  • Invasive crustacean discovered in Stockholm

    Marl crab Dikerogammarus haemobaphes Photo: Simon Tytor, Medin’s Sea and Water Consultants

    A foreign invasive crustacean has appeared in Tullingesjön in Botkyrka municipality.

    The small marl crayfish is originally from the area around the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and can grow to two centimeters in length.

    It places itself in the highest risk class according to the Swedish risk classification of alien species.

    The species eats other small animals and can out-compete native species in the coastal zone.

    – Eradicating the species once it has reached a lake is not possible, but the fact that it has now been discovered gives us the opportunity to prevent its spread to other waters together, says Jennie Barthel Svedén, environmental officer at the Stockholm County Administrative Board, in a press release.

    To prevent the species from spreading, it is important that the boat owner drains all water and dries equipment.

  • Woman hit by plow tractor – taken to hospital

    An 85-year-old woman has been backed up by a plow tractor, north of Uppsala.

    The woman was injured and taken to hospital by ambulance.

  • Man gets life imprisonment after torture murder with potato peeler

    A man in his 50s is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a 35-year-old in Sundsvall.

    Four knives, a pair of scissors and a potato peeler were used in the murder, and the life sentence is justified by the fact that the 35-year-old was subjected to severe suffering and “torture injuries”.

    After the convicted man underwent a forensic psychiatric examination, it was established that he does not suffer from a serious mental disorder.

  • Train service started between Stockholm and Uppsala

    During Tuesday evening, there was a complete stop in train traffic between Uppsala and Stockholm, as a result of a stationary train with a vehicle fault.

    At 6:30 p.m., the trains started rolling again as usual, but according to the Swedish Transport Agency, there may be a lot of delays.

    “Traffic will run on a single track for the rest of the evening and there is a risk of delays,” says Ronny Hörstrand at SJ’s press service to UNT.

  • The protests in Paris continue

    Clashes between police and demonstrators have taken place in Paris as tens of thousands of people protest against the government’s controversial law raising the retirement age, reports AFP.

    At least 22 people had been arrested in Paris on Tuesday afternoon, the city’s police announced, according to TT.

    According to the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, over 1,000 troublemakers, some from other countries, may take advantage of planned peaceful marches.

    – They come to destroy, to injure and to kill police officers. Their goal has nothing to do with pension reforms, he says, according to TT.

    During the day, it was reported that Paris garbage collectors are ending their three-week strike in the French capital this week. But not to give up, but because, according to the radical left-wing trade union CGT, this enables coordination with other groups “so that we can go on strike even stronger again”.

    Earlier in the day, striking railway workers gathered with flags and flares and blocked railway tracks at one of Paris’ largest railway stations, Gare de Lyon.

  • Power outage – 5,000 affected

    Bromma in northwest Stockholm has suffered a power outage.

    According to Ellevio, the current may come and go.

    Up to 5,000 people are affected. According to Aftonbladet’s information, the Bromma Blocks shopping center will be without power.

  • Several fires in shopping centers

    The emergency services have been called to a shopping center in Trollhättan because it is on fire.

    – It has burned in several places there, says Christian Andersson, officer on duty at the rescue service.

    The premises have been evacuated.

    – It’s a shopping center so there are a lot of people moving around there.

    According to the police, there has been a fire in a playland in, among other things, a sea of ​​balls.

    – It is a playground, we are there on site but have not received a report yet, says Stefan Gustafsson, press spokesperson for the police in the West region.

    The police suspect that the fires may be arson.

  • Masja drew a drawing – father goes to prison

    “I am against the war”, it says on the picture of Masja and her peace sign. Photo: Private

    Russian Masja, 13, drew a peace drawing.

    Then the security police FSB came to the school.

    Now the father has been sentenced to two years in prison and the daughter has been taken into the care of social services, reports the exiled Russian newspaper Meduza.

    Read more here.

  • Attack at Muslim center is being investigated as terror

    A man stabbed two women to death at a Muslim center in Lisbon today.

    Portuguese police are investigating the incident as a possible act of terrorism, write AP.

    The man is said to have been armed with a large knife. The police told him to put the knife down, but when he started walking towards the police instead, they shot him.

    He was later arrested at the hospital.

    Several people were injured in the attack, but it is unclear how many and how seriously.

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  • “Swedes prepared to pause democracy” says the title but the article says “pause the economy”. Which is it?


    Hey Pavo! There was a mistake in the post, it should say “democracy” right through – not the economy. Now it’s arranged!

  • Is there any reason why they are now showing a picture of the “Kurdish fox”? At the beginning of the year, when it emerged that he and others were behind the conflict in Stockholm, all images were blurred. Is it because public interest has increased over time?


    Hi Birgitta! Here is a solid answer to your question!

  • 4-6 months for pedophile site. Hope you wrote it wrong, that it should be year instead. Otherwise we live in a sick society


    Hello Sanna! Four years and six months is the sentence imposed on the man.

  • What happened to Ringhals that was supposed to start on Friday? We ordinary people who cannot afford to eat wonder!


    Hi Asta! It has been postponed, unfortunately. Ringhals 4 is not expected to start until April 1, Vattenfall announced on March 20.

  • What does public transport in the Stockholm area look like now in the snow? Are buses and trains running as they should?


    Hello! No, there are some problems, especially in the southern parts. Here you can read our article about the traffic situation.

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