Latest news – Flight alerts and explosions in Kiev

Aircraft alarms and explosions in Kyiv

today at 04.06 Hans Österman

Aircraft alarms have been heard in large parts of Ukraine during the night towards Monday.

According to unconfirmed information in social media, a powerful explosion has occurred in the city of Dnipro. Explosions have also been reported in Kyiv, writes the newspaper Kyiv Independent.

An adviser to President Zelensky writes on Telegram that “the air defense is working”.

Latest news

  • Pena new president

    The opposition parties in Paraguay challenged the country’s ruling party Colorado in Sunday’s election.

    But with 90 percent of the votes counted, the electoral authority in the country was able to state that the right-wing party, which has basically ruled since the 1940s, retains power in the country.

    Former finance minister Santiago Pena becomes the new president with 42 percent of the vote. Center-left contender Efrain Alegre only got 27.5 percent despite leading in opinion polls. (TT)

  • Disturbances for Swish

    Swish experienced disturbances starting at 02.00 on the night of Monday. This is evident from reports from users on the Downdetector site.

    In the app, Swish announced at the same time that an ongoing operational disruption at Bankgirot could cause problems.

    By 3:30 a.m., the message had disappeared and user reports of problems died down.

    Text updated 03.47

  • Explosion at close range

    An explosion occurred at a convenience store in Helsingborg during the night to Monday. The first alarm call of several came at 01:36.

    – It was a reasonably strong detonation with material damage to an entrance and glass panes. There are no reported personal injuries, says Jerker Olsson, officer on duty at the police.

    The police have started a preliminary investigation into public dangerous devastation. Bomb technicians are on their way to the crime scene.

  • At least 18 dead in crash

    At least 18 Mexican tourists died when the bus they were traveling in drove down a ravine in the state of Nayarit.

    The bus, from a private company, was on a 22-mile journey from Guadalajara in the neighboring state of Jalisco to the beach resort of Guayabitos when the accident occurred. All on board were Mexican nationals, according to emergency services.

    Dozens more people were injured in the crash, the cause of which is not yet clear. (TT)

  • Collided with tree – one to hospital

    A car has collided with a tree in Åstorp outside Ängelholm after giving way to a wild animal, the police say.

    The driver, a 45-year-old man, was taken to hospital by ambulance.

    There is no information on the state of the damage.

    The police do not suspect any crime in connection with the accident.

  • Major damage after tornado

    A tornado has moved over the city of Palm Beach Gardens in the US state of Florida.

    The storm, with winds measured at over 40 meters per second, came with heavy downpours and is said to have dragged vehicles and demolished parts of houses, reports TT.

    According to the police, the city’s population is said to have escaped relatively unscathed.

    Already on Saturday, warnings were issued for the tornado that remains through Sunday.

  • Erdogan: IS leader killed

    A high-ranking IS leader has been killed in Syria according to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reports the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency.

    It is about the caliph Abu Hussein al-Qurashi who has been followed for a long time, according to Erdogan.

    – He was killed during an operation in Syria yesterday.

  • Information about heavy explosions in Pavlograd

    The explosions were reportedly heard in the city of Pavlograd.

    Several loud explosions have been heard in Pavlograd in eastern Ukraine, the city’s mayor, Anatoliy Vershina, told the public service company Suspilno.

    The city’s residents are now being asked to take shelter.

    “Stay away from the city, take cover,” writes the city’s official account in a statement on Telegram.

    State Russian news agency Paw claims that the Russian forces attacked railway infrastructure and an ammunition depot.

    Pavlograd’s Telegram account states that false information is being spread after the incident and urges caution.

    “Don’t be fooled by various forgeries. Different information about Pavlograd is spread in different information sources”.

    The flight alert sounds over the city according to Ukrainealert.

  • Major police operation after man with knife in traffic

    During Sunday evening, a man in Mölndal outside Gothenburg acted threateningly in traffic.

    Gothenburg Post reports that the man allegedly went out into traffic with a knife and hit car windows.

    After the alarm, the police launched a major operation and a search for the man by helicopter. About an hour later he could be found.

    – The police on the spot were able to arrest the man and he is suspected of violent resistance and violence against an official, says Fredrik Flyberg, officer on duty at the police, to the newspaper.

  • Abandoned factory burns – again

    A fire has broken out in a closed factory outside Nyköping.

    – It has burned many times, most recently yesterday. But now it’s burning properly, says the duty officer of the rescue service, Roger Magnusson.

    According to the emergency services, the building will burn down.

    – There is a full fire inside. There is a pretty big risk that it will fall apart.

    No one should have been injured.

    Do you know what caused the fire?

    – I can’t say that, but it’s not very likely that it will self-ignite every time.

  • The security breach costs Telia 15 million

    Telia’s headquarters in Solna. Photo: Hanna Franzén/TT

    The telecommunications company Telia is forced to pay a penalty fee of SEK 15 million after failing to conduct security checks on employees, writes the Post and Telecommunications Authority (PTS) in a press release.

    There it is written that Telia failed to apply for the correct register checks for signal protection personnel.

    PTS describes the incident as serious as a number of unauthorized persons have been allowed to work with safety-sensitive operations.

    “The vulnerability that arose as a result of the breach may have been exploited by an antagonist through a so-called insider attack with the aim of affecting security-sensitive operations in, among other things, the area of ​​electronic communications. Such an impact would, according to PTS, cause damage to Sweden’s security,” the authority writes in its decision.

    Telia tells TT that they plan to appeal the decision on fines.

  • SVT on stopped publication: “Very worrying”

    Due to a new espionage law, SVT has for the first time chosen to stop a publication.

    The previously planned publication was to contain images from Ukraine showing weaknesses in the country’s energy supply.

    The images originally come from the leaked documents from the Pentagon.

    Now SVT’s responsible publisher Charlotta Friberg comments on the decision:

    – After looking at that material together with the lawyers, their assessment was actually that this is material that could be covered by the new espionage law, she says to SVT.

    – I think it is very worrying that the legislators did not listen to this serious criticism.

  • Elderly man found dead in lake

    A man in his 90s has been found dead in a lake outside Skara municipality. There is no suspicion of crime, reports P4 Skaraborg.

    The police launched a search operation for the man when he disappeared on Friday.

    Relatives have been notified.

  • Swedish tourist dead – fell from the “bridge of love”

    The “Bridge of Love” in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Photo: Joana Kruse/Alamy

    A Swedish tourist has died in Cyprus, according to the local newspaper Reporter.

    The man, who is in his 50s, was taking a picture from the “love bridge” when he fell from a great height, according to the newspaper.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms the death to Aftonbladet.

    “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware that a Swedish man in his 50s has unfortunately died in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, on April 29. The next of kin have been informed,” writes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an email.

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    Latest news

  • Was it a fighter plane that flew over Stockholm today? We heard several about Hägersten recently.


    Hello! That’s right! The armed forces have their biggest exercise, Aurora 23, and in several parts of the country they are visible in different ways now.

  • Is it a vacuum cleaner or a lawn mower that the police are looking for in Huskvarna? 😂

    Erika Larsson

    It went a little fast there! Robotic lawnmowers are right, we’ve changed that now. 🙂

  • Tired of seeing Pernilla Wahlberg and her children Bianca Benjamin on many channels every single day, right?


    Hi Jolle! Change the channel and scroll on is my advice to you. I imagine that viewing figures show that there is a decent interest in them anyway and that they strike a chord with many.

  • Regarding spies, how many do we have in Europe, all countries have spies, I think it is foolish to say that you and those countries have so and so many spies, then all countries have them.

    Ferko Tan Mercovich

    Hi Tan! Don’t understand the criticism. Shouldn’t we report on what it looks like in our area because it exists in all countries? Sounds a bit strange I think.

  • Is it some Russian hacker attack that knocked out Forsmark?


    Hi Monica! According to Svenska Kraftnät, it is maintenance work that has gone wrong. Read our reporting here.

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