Latest news – Fire in warehouse

  • There is a fire in a warehouse in central Söderköping.

    – We have a fire in a building in the center of town. Employees have come to the scene and discovered it, says Mikael Karlered, officer on duty at the rescue service.

    There are no reports of personal injuries.

    – It is very smoky and we suspect that it is a so-called construction fire. How it has been caused is unclear, continues Mikael Karlered.

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  • Stop for the commuter trains and Arlanda Express

    Early in the morning there was a complete stop in commuter train traffic due to an accident, SL announces.

    Arlanda Express was also affected by the stop.

    However, the emergency services have checked the tracks now and traffic should be running again.

    Due to the stop, however, there will be delays during the morning.

  • Burglary in an eyeglass shop in Östermalm

    There has been a burglary in a shop that sells glasses on Östermalm in Stockholm.

    The police were alerted to the incident just after 03:00. At the moment, it is unclear how much has been stolen from the store.

    – There are a number of perpetrators who have committed burglaries. For us, it is unknown exactly what they have brought, but it is a deal with glasses, says Andreas Aaw, officer on duty at the Stockholm Police.

    The police have cordoned off the store to carry out a technical investigation. No one has been arrested.

  • 39 people missing from capsized ship

    A Chinese fishing vessel has capsized in the central parts of the Indian Ocean. All 39 people on board are missing, of which 17 are Chinese, 17 Indonesians and five Filipinos.

    A search and rescue effort has been launched with ships from, among others, Australia and China.

    The accident happened at 21:00 on Tuesday, Swedish time. The ship is owned by the company Penglai Jinglu. (TT)

  • Two people were infected with bird flu

    Two people in Great Britain who work on the same poultry farm have tested positive for bird flu, the country’s public health authority says.

    The people showed no symptoms.

    The two people are the first people to test positive for the virus in the UK since a 79-year-old was infected after he let ducks into his home in early 2022.

    That the infection has been transmitted from bird to human has only happened a few times before, according to the authority.

    The Public Health Authority announces that the risk of contracting bird flu for the general population is very low. (TT)

  • CNN: Ukrainian Patriot probably injured

    The Russian information that it hit Ukraine’s most advanced air defense system, the American-made Patriot, appears to be partly correct, according to CNN.

    An American official says that the system is probably damaged, but not destroyed – something that Russia claimed. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, for his part, claims that all Russian projectiles were destroyed during the attack.

    Ukraine has two Patriot systems, one sent by the US and one from Germany and the Netherlands. (TT)

  • Fighter jets one step closer to Ukraine

    Britain and the Netherlands agree to work for an international coalition to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. This is announced by Downing Street after a meeting between Prime Ministers Rishi Sunak and Mark Rutte.

    The West has so far been skeptical about sending fighter jets, but some countries have committed to training Ukrainian fighter pilots.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi calls the announcement a “good start”. (TT)

  • Car and A-tractor in collision

    A car and an A-tractor collided in Hultsfred municipality late on Tuesday evening.

    Police, ambulance and emergency services were dispatched at 23.05.

    It is currently unclear if anyone is injured.

    Traffic is completely stopped in both directions.

  • Affected man made himself at the US security adviser

    An affected and confused man managed to get into the residence of Jake Sullivan, Joe Biden’s national security adviser, late one night in April, writes the Washington Post citing White House sources.

    This despite the fact that Sullivan has round-the-clock surveillance outside his home in Washington by the Secret Service.

    He managed to outwit the intruder himself and it was only afterwards that Sullivan was able to alert the agents outside about the drama they had missed.

    There is no indication that the man knew who Sullivan is or that he was out to hurt him. But the incident is really embarrassing for the Secret Service.

    An investigation has now been launched.

  • Several US employees dead after attack in Nigeria

    Several people employed by the US Embassy are said to have been shot dead in Nigeria.

    The attack is said to have taken place against a convoy.

    This is reported by BNO News and refers to local media.

    However, none of them shall be US citizens. That’s what John Kirby at the US Department of Defense says at a press conference in Washington DC.

  • Elderly woman dead – hit by car

    An 85-year-old woman has died in a traffic accident in central Halmstad.

    The accident happened at lunchtime, when the woman was hit by a male driver.

    She was taken to hospital, but during the evening the police announced that her life could not be saved.

    The driver has been questioned. At the moment, the accident is being investigated as negligence in traffic.

    – It is a tragic accident, says Simon Magnusson, on-call preliminary investigation manager at the police in Halmstad.

    The woman’s next of kin have been notified.

  • Pretended to be a nurse – worked in an ambulance

    A man in Jönköping county is suspected of having worked as an ambulance nurse for several months – even though he was not a nurse at all.

    It reports P4 Jönköping.

    The man is actually a nurse. A few months ago, he lied to his boss and said he had graduated as a nurse.

    In the ambulance, he has cared for acutely ill patients.

    – You don’t think it’s true. It’s something that shocked everyone, of course, how it could be like that, says Nils Höglund, trade union representative at the Health Confederation, to the radio.

    The man confirms to the radio that he lied about his education, but claims that he never worked in the ambulance as a nurse.

    Region Jönköping is investigating the matter and has not wanted to comment.

  • Danes have the most climate anxiety

    The Danes are the Nordics who worry the most about climate change.

    The Finns, on the other hand, are the least concerned.

    This is shown by a survey from the research institute Nordregio, which Echo reports on.

    After the Danes, it is the Swedes who worry the most – here 75 percent answer that they worry about climate change.

    Across the Nordic region, 71 percent agree that climate change is a serious or very serious problem.

  • Skeleton found in Pompeii

    Photo: Pompeii Archaeological Park/ AP

    Two skeletons have been unearthed in Pompeii by archaeologists, writes TT.

    Despite having died in an earthquake that occurred after the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius that buried the city in ash in 79.

    The skeletons are probably two men, around 55 years old, AFP reports.

    It is believed that the men died when the earthquake brought down a wall in the room where they sought shelter.

    Archaeologists estimate that 15-20 percent of Pompeii’s population died in the devastating volcanic eruption.

    The remains of more than 1,000 people have so far been found across the affected area. In 2020, bodies believed to be a slave and his possible owner were found.

  • The flu is over – but covid continues

    Now the spread of influenza A and B is down to low levels. And with that, the flu epidemic is deemed to be over for this time.

    That’s what TT writes and refers to the Public Health Authority.

    In December, the situation was strained because flu, RS virus and covid-19 reached high levels at the same time.

    “During every period of increased spread of infection, there are people who become seriously ill, but this winter was the first time we saw a simultaneous peak with all three diseases,” says AnnaSara Carnahan, epidemiologist and investigator at the Public Health Agency, in a press release.

    However, the spread of covid-19 is still ongoing – and is expected to continue this summer as well.

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  • Good evening! Heard on state radio that the girl Laura who won the music festival was singing in some square in Stockholm. Can’t see any pictures from the show. Would have been nice to see. Can you send a reporter there? People


    Good evening folks! We were indeed there with a reporter in Kungsträdgården here in Stockholm when Loreen was praised and sang!

    Here you can read and see the pictures from it!

  • How can I find Titti’s interview with Darin?

    Marjut Lundin

    You can find the interview we published yesterday here.

    If you prefer Titti’s interview in SR, you can listen to it here 😉

  • How do I find the interview with Darin?

    Marjut Lundin

  • Why do you only write about Lukashenko’s bandaged hands?

    Are there more interesting things to write about him? Everyone can get sick in different ways, right?


    Hi Kerstin! Here you will find more articles about Lukashenko and his deeds and songs.

  • All respect to Jonathan Jeppsson, but does he only write about climate issues…? There is a lot of other things going on in this world as well.


    Hehe lucky that we have more reporters with different expertise and interests 😉

    However, Jeppsson can write about other things than climate. Here you can read his latest works.

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