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Latest news

Expert authority warned that electricity subsidies could go to companies

today at 06.18 Johanna Sundbeck

The electricity subsidy, of over SEK 17 billion, which was supposed to go to consumers, also ended up with a lot of companies and farmers.

This is in cases where individual companies have shared electricity contracts between households and businesses.

The government’s own expert authority, the Accounting Board, warned in December that the electricity subsidy for households could end up with entrepreneurs, reports Ekot.

The accounting board then raised it once more in a referral to the government.

– It is unfortunate that there is uncertainty about this. I don’t have insight into the process at the government office, but I can state that we highlighted this issue, says Stefan Pärlhem, head of office at the Accounting Board to Ekot.

Latest news

  • Around 300 may end up at Nevs

    In February, 340 people were notified of layoffs at the electric car manufacturer Nevs in Trollhättan.

    P4 West reports that 300 employees are now allowed to quit – 23 are allowed to stay. This involves eight employees in production and 15 white-collar workers.

  • Man shot with several shots in Gothenburg

    The police were alerted to several explosions in a residential area in Gothenburg at 01:30 on the night of Tuesday.

    A man has been shot several times outside.

    – There are calls about shooting and on the spot we find the man who has been shot with several shots. The place is cordoned off for a technical investigation, says Sara Lund, press spokesperson for the police.

    The man has been taken to hospital.

    The injury status is stable.

  • IS claims bombings in Kabul

    Six people were killed and more injured in a suicide attack in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Monday, the Taliban government said.

    The IS terrorist movement has claimed responsibility for the bombing, which occurred near the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The explosion occurred at a business center after Taliban forces identified the attacker and opened fire on him, according to a Taliban spokesman. (TT)

  • The hope: Robot flies will pollinate plants

    Small plastic robots that pollinate our trees and plants? Researchers at the University of Tampere in Finland hope that will become reality, Vetenskapsradion reports.

    Right now, a project is underway where small plastic flies with bristles like wings unfold when you shine a laser on them, which allows you to partially control how the robots travel in the wind.

    Wild pollinators are in decline in several places, among other things due to shrinking habitats. (TT)

  • At least seven dead in landslides

    At least seven people have died in a landslide in Ecuador caused by months of heavy rain, the government announced. More than 20 people have been injured.

    The landslide occurred late Sunday and buried dozens of homes. Close to 50 people are still missing after the landslide, according to the authorities.

    Since the beginning of the year, 22 people have lost their lives due to heavy rainfall.

    The landslide occurs just over a week after 15 people, including one from Peru, died in a powerful earthquake that hit Ecuador and Peru. (TT)

  • Man shot in Husby

    A 25-year-old man has been shot in Husby in northwest Stockholm.

    The alarm came in around 10:30 p.m. The man himself has said that he was shot in a common area in an apartment building, according to the police.

    – He is found indoors, in a stairwell or similar. I don’t know where the crime itself took place, says police spokesperson Mats Eriksson.

    The man was treated by an ambulance on the spot and then taken to hospital. He must be awake and talkative.

    A large police operation is now underway, including dog patrols.

    – A hunt is underway at the scene, at the same time we are questioning any witnesses and will carry out door knocking, says Mats Eriksson.

    The incident is being investigated as extremely serious assault and serious weapons offences.

  • 13-year-old killed teacher in Brazil

    A teacher in his 70s was killed and three other teachers and two students were injured in a knife attack at a school in São Paulo, Brazil, on Monday.

    The deed was carried out by a 13-year-old boy who attends the same school.

    The five injured people are being treated in hospital and their condition is said to be stable. The suspected student has been arrested.

    This is reported by TT.

    The suspect boy, according to another student, entered the class wearing a mask representing a skull and attacked the teacher from behind.

    According to another student, the act must have been prompted by a conflict from last week between the suspect, another person and the now dead teacher.

  • The snowy weather stops city buses

    All city bus traffic in Uppsala has been canceled since 8 p.m., reports UNT.

    The reason is the abundant snow storm.

    – Our transport company announced that the buses have difficulty arriving because there is so much snow drifting together. There were many buses that got stuck, says Ellen Åberg, press spokesperson at UL, to the newspaper.

    Right now there is no forecast for when the buses can start rolling.

    Bus traffic in rural areas of the county is also affected, with delays and canceled sections.

  • Missing girl found

    Tonight, the police had a large search effort for a 10-year-old girl who disappeared in the Baronbackarna area in Örebro.

    The girl left leisure at 5 p.m.

    – She apparently lives nearby so it shouldn’t have taken many minutes. We are keen to find her quickly because it is dark and cold, says police spokesperson Lars Hedelin.

    At 9:30 p.m., the police announced that the girl had been found in good health.

  • At least seven dead in landslides

    At least seven people have died in a landslide in Ecuador, the country’s government announced according to TT.

    More than 20 people have been injured.

    The landslide, which occurred late Sunday, is said to have been caused by months of heavy rain.

    Dozens of homes have been buried and nearly 50 people are missing after the landslide.

    Ecuador’s government first announced that 16 people had died in the province of Chimborazo, but later wrote down the confirmed death toll.

    The incident happened just over a week after 15 people died in a strong earthquake that hit Ecuador and Peru.

  • Three to hospital after accident

    Three cars collided just south of Sala at around 5.30pm.

    All three drivers had to be taken to hospital by ambulance. It is unclear how seriously injured the people are.

    “It is very slippery at the scene of the accident and there is no suspicion of a traffic violation,” the police write on their website.

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    Latest news

  • You write in your article regarding the school shooting in Nashville that “So far this year there have been 89 school shootings in the United States” – what source is this?


    Hello! The source is K-12 School Shooting Database, a researcher-run site that is often cited in American media.

    There, every incident where a weapon is fired on school grounds is counted as a school shooting.

  • This morning at 7.50 you answered a question that you will not be in place for the second trial but only on Wednesday, but then I was told that you were reporting from the trial, so now unfortunately they missed it, they thought it was a strange answer but can you read the reporting afterwards?

    Theresa Johansson

    Hello! We have not had a reporter on site today but have been able to follow the trial from the editorial office.

    At the bottom of this article, you can read the reporting afterwards!

    On Wednesday, we will have a reporter on site in Eksjö district court who will report live.

  • According to your latest update, traffic should be rolling at 18:15 after the accident on the E18 outside Stockholm. It’s 7:30 p.m. and it’s a total shutdown.

    Car driver

    Correctly! The Swedish Transport Administration’s latest announcement is that traffic will resume at 9 p.m. I have updated the notice!

  • Some new snowshoes on the way or


  • Big strike in Israel and the Prime Minister’s speech is postponed! Any more update on this?


    Hey Ayjay! We report live on the development here. The latest bid is to pause the controversial legal reform.

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