Latest News – Earth, Wind & Fire guitarist dead

  • Earth, Wind & Fire guitarist dead

    Musician Sheldon Reynolds is dead, British media reports.

    He is best known as the guitarist and singer in the band Earth, Wind & Fire.

    Sheldon Reynolds turned 63.

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  • Woman exposed to sexual crimes on island

    The police are on the scene at Svinö in Kalmar after an alarm about a woman being the victim of a sexual crime.

    The woman is aged 25.

    The crime scene has been cordoned off and both forensic experts and a special search dog are on their way to the scene.

    No suspected perpetrator has been arrested.

    – In my opinion, it is a peson that is unknown to the woman, says Rickard Lundqvist, police spokesperson.

  • Green light for free dance

    Those of you who find it difficult to sit still at the club can breathe a sigh of relief on July 1.

    The license to dance in bars and nightclubs will then be removed, the Riksdag decided today.

    Several members described the change in the Rules of Procedure as a freedom reform, writes TT.

    Today, bar owners risk losing their license to serve if there is spontaneous dancing at the bar counter.

    – It is therefore illegal to keep the beat when the body is bursting with some nice notes in the background, said moderator Charlotte Nordström.

    All parties were in favor of abolishing the permit requirement.

    However, permission will still be required to organize dances in public places such as parks and squares.

  • The Czech Republic buys military vehicles from Sweden

    Combat vehicle 90. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

    The Czech government has approved a giant deal.

    The country will buy 246 combat vehicles 90 from Sweden.

    It reports Swedens radio.

    The deal should be worth between SEK 15 and 20 billion.

  • Child suspected of causing the death of another

    A ten-year-old girl died after falling from a school roof in Svedala on Sunday.

    Now a child is suspected of causing the death of another, reports P4 Malmöhus.

    Read more about the case here.

  • 95-year-old woman killed by police

    A 95-year-old woman in Australia was shot with a stun gun by a police officer.

    The incident took place last week at a nursing home.

    The woman has now died from the electric shock.

    The incident has received a lot of space in the mass media in Australia and the public is now raging against the country’s police authority.

    The reports the BBC.

  • Fire in barn – 700 cows evacuated

    There is a heavy fire in a barn outside Getinge.

    According to Halland’s News should there be approximately 700 cows on the farm that will be evacuated.

    28 cows are said to have been found dead.

    There must also be gas cylinders in the building which make extinguishing work more difficult.

  • Details: Jewelery shop subjected to armed robbery

    A jewelry store activated its burglar alarm in central Eskilstuna at 12:30 on Wednesday.

    According to information to Aftonbladet, the store has been subjected to armed robbery.

    Several police patrols are working on site.

    One person is said to have been injured in connection with the incident. The police report that the injuries are not life-threatening.

    – It seems that there is only one involved perpetrator that we are looking for right now, says Dennis Johansson Strömberg, police spokesperson.

    More about the robbery in Eskilstuna here.

  • The king asks the government for 70 million

    The king is planning several investments in the near term and is now asking the government for 70 million in credits from the National Debt Office, writes news agency Siren and refers to a letter from the King’s palace bailiff at Djurgården and governor to the Ministry of Finance.

    This applies, among other things, to the renovation of Stiftelsen Rosendal’s garden and Beckholmen’s dolls.

    In the letter, it also appears that an alternative could be “to borrow on the open market”, writes the Siren news agency.

    The renovation work will affect the Royal Zoo Administration’s coffers – the credits are needed to maintain the administration’s liquidity, write castle bailiff Magnus Andersson and governor Staffan Larsson.

  • Brothers arrested for terrorist plans against Swedish church

    Two people have been arrested in Germany suspected of having planned a terrorist attack against a church in Sweden, reports the newspaper The day.

    The older brother was arrested a month ago in Hamburg and his four years younger brother has now been arrested in Kempten in Bavaria.

    According to German Welt magazine components must have been purchased to create a home-made bomb belt that would be used in the crime.

    It is unclear which church the attack was possibly planned against.

  • Alarm about bus fire in Stockholm

    The police received an alarm about a bus that had started burning near Hötorget in central Stockholm at 11.50 on Wednesday.

    Once on site, it was established that the fire was not fully developed.

    The bus was empty and no injuries have been reported.

  • Most expensive euro since the financial crisis

    The krone has been losing steadily against the euro recently. On Wednesday, the krone weakened further, reports TT.

    One euro now costs SEK 11:49, the weakest mug since the beginning of 2009, in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

    Since the summer of 2021, the krona has lost 15 percent in value against the euro, from around ten kroner.

    Stripped of the short-lived peak in 2009, the krona has never been weaker than now.

  • 14 dead found after shipwreck

    14 bodies have been found inside a Chinese fishing vessel that sank on May 17 in the Indian Ocean.

    This is stated by the Sri Lankan navy, TT reports.

    The longliner from China’s international fishing fleet sank south of the Maldives with 39 people on board.

    The 14 bodies were found the day after an investigation by the Chinese authorities determined that no people survived the sinking.

    Bad weather and strong winds are believed to be behind the accident.

  • The knife-injured student does not have life-threatening injuries

    The student who was injured in a knife attack at a junior high school in Örebro is being treated for serious, but not life-threatening injuries, according to a communique from Region Örebro County.

    The boy was attacked on Tuesday afternoon outside on the school grounds by a boy of the same age.

    Prosecutor Hanna Nilsson tells P4 Örebro that the suspected boy is being held on probable cause for attempted murder.

    The school is open on Wednesday with extra staff and police.

  • A boy is freed after a bomb in Kungsträdgården

    Kungsträdgården when the bomb was found. Photo: Björn Lindahl

    A bag bomb was found in Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm last year – three boys were then sentenced to youth care for involvement in the incident.

    On Wednesday, Svea announced to the Court of Appeal that one of the boys was now acquitted of the charge of aiding and abetting a crime against the Act on Flammable and Explosive Goods, a serious crime.

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  • when a few bombs go off in Russian cities, revolution is afoot. When bombs go off every night in Swedish cities, it’s a bit of gang activity. Give up AB, you are pathetic


    Hello Crypto! We in the newsroom do not interpret what happens based on a feeling or opinion. What we report is based on information from relevant sources. Also don’t know where you find that we call explosions “a bit of gang mischief”? Have a nice day!

  • Gets so annoyed at articles about “hungry children”. A “poor” mother only has 9000 left to live on after the rent. I have SEK 2,000 left when the bills are paid (live in a serviced building where the rent is SEK 11,000). Why are only families with children “poor”?

    kerstin frazen

    Hi Kerstin! It is of course not only families with children who are poor and we have written about other people who have been affected. And also sorry for your tough seat. But children can be considered particularly vulnerable as they themselves cannot take responsibility for their situation, are dependent on adults and cannot be expected to understand their situation in the same way as adults.

  • Probably heard an explosion, I live in Täby, at 01:57, what’s going on?



    It was probably the explosion in a garage in Näsby Park that you heard, you can read about it here.

  • Where can I read about the possible attack on the White House that just happened? Find inger here


    You mean the teenager who drove into a security barrier near the White House last night?

    Here you can read about it.

  • How little should you have to have the least?

    We are two pensioners who have a total of 26,000 per month. With that, we will manage food, rent and everything else in everyday life.

    Saw an AB journalist on TV yesterday who was hoarse about hungry children.

    We then, where should we get food this summer?

    Poor pensioner

    That there are people who cannot afford food on the table in Sweden in 2023 is of course something we must report on and review. Be it children, pensioners or others who are affected.

    Going on and comparing “who has it worst” feels rather irrelevant in the context?

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