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Details: Russia has dusted off the T-54 tank

today at 04.05 Hans Österman

Tanks from the 1940s have been dusted off and photographed as they are transported by train on their way to Ukraine, Insider reports, citing a group that monitors Russian military.

The images show the T-54 tank, which began production in the Soviet Union in 1947, and its successor, the T-55.

Earlier in the war, Russia deployed the T-62 tank, also dated but originating from the 1960s.

The British Ministry of Defense stated at the beginning of March that 800 T-62s had been taken out of storage since last summer.

Latest news

  • Sweden’s Radio is down

    This is how it looks on SR’s website.

    Sveriges Radio has technical problems during the night of Thursday. The website is down and disturbances are also experienced in the app.

    – There have been problems on the digital platforms since around midnight, but the FM broadcasts are working, says press manager Claes Bertilson.

    SR has no information on what the problems are due to.

    – Our team is working on this. I have no prognosis, he says.

  • Five injured in shooting in Greenland

    Two people have been hit by shots in connection with a shooting in Greenland on Tuesday. The police were alerted at 16:50 about the incident in the community of Narsaq.

    In addition to the two gunshot wounds, three other people were injured in connection with the shooting, when they were hit by shrapnel. None of the five have life-threatening injuries, the police told media company KNR.

    A suspected perpetrator was arrested half an hour after the first alarm. (TT)

  • Missing girl – searched by helicopter

    A girl in her early teens has disappeared in Kungsbacka, reports Gothenburg Post.

    The police have an ongoing search operation with a helicopter.

    – We are carrying out investigative measures and are actively looking for her, says the police officer on duty, Andreas Odén, to GP.

    There are no suspicions of crime.

  • UN: More and more people are being killed in Mali

    In a report produced by the UN mission Minusma in Mali, it is stated that at least 1,277 people were killed in unrest in the country in 2022, compared to 584 victims in 2021.

    Most of the deaths occurred in violence or were targeted killings. About 370 of those who were killed had first been kidnapped or reported as missing, TT reports.

    In most cases, these are acts of violence carried out by Islamist extremist groups, according to the UN.

    But a third of the cases are linked to Mali’s security forces or military.

    Mali is ruled by a junta leader with whom the country’s military (Fama) also cooperates. The junta also cooperates with foreign security groups such as the Russian Wagner Group.

    Sweden has withdrawn its military contribution to Minusma since Mali’s military demanded that France leave the country.

    Minusma is the UN’s deadliest mission ever.

  • Wall Street ended the swinging evening in the red

    After the US central bank Federal Reserve (Fed) raised the key interest rate by 25 points, from 4.75-5.0 percent, the stock markets fluctuated sharply during the evening.

    At the close, the S&P 500 had fallen 1.7 percent, while the Dow Jones and Nasdaq fell 1.6 percent.

    Read more about the Fed’s new interest rate announcement here.

  • Badgers cause stoppages in train traffic in the Netherlands

    Another badger. Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB Scanpix

    Badgers digging pot under railway tracks have caused widespread disruption to train traffic in the Netherlands, TT reports with reference to the BBC.

    On Tuesday, the section between Den Bosch and Boxtel had to be closed due to badger activity and according to the CEO of the train company Protrail, it is the second time in a week that this has happened.

    Train traffic is not expected to run according to the timetable until next week.

    Earlier in March, train traffic outside Molkwerum in the northern parts of the country was also stopped due to the progress of badgers under the tracks. Train traffic there is expected to be suspended until next month.

    Now Protrail and the Ministry of Infrastructure in the Netherlands have had crisis meetings as a result of the badgers’ activity.

    However, the problem seems intractable as the badger is protected and permission is required to move it.

    The plan is now to create a sandhill in the hope that the badgers will nest there instead of under the train tracks.

  • Drug addict had a million in cash at clinic – gets jail

    According to Ivo, the doctor will also lose his ID. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/TT

    A doctor in Stockholm has prescribed prescription drugs that are classified as narcotics to a large number of patients, against payment.

    In a raid on the doctor’s clinic, the police found, among other things, one million kroner in cash and drugs classified as narcotics.

    Now the doctor is sentenced to four years in prison for serious drug crime, serious accounting crime, tax crime and false certification, reports SVT Nyheter Stockholm.

    The Inspectorate for Care and Care (IVO) demanded in October last year that the man’s right to prescribe narcotics be tested after going through the medical records of 19 patients. The Health and Medical Services Board’s responsibility board HSAN, will now try it.

    According to the Inspectorate for Care and Care, the doctor will lose his ID.

  • Teenagers stopped by police – suspected of drug offences

    Police on Södermalm in Stockholm today stopped two boys, 14 and 15 years old.

    According to witnesses, the two boys had thrown away a bag and started running from the scene, the police write on their website.

    The bag was found to contain suspected narcotics.

    Both boys’ guardians came to the scene and were informed of the police findings.

    The police have now seized the drugs and the two boys are suspected of drug offences.

  • Lindsay Lohan and Jake Paul charged with crypto fraud

    Jake Paul and Lindsay Lohan are charged. Photo: AP

    Actor Lindsay Lohan and YouTube celebrity Jake Paul have been indicted on suspicion of fraud linked to the crypto company Tronix and BitTorrent, the US regulatory agency SEC writes in a press release.

    The SEC has uncovered fraud linked to company founder Justin Sun.

    Among other things, he allegedly paid celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul and Akon to stir up interest without it appearing that they were paid, reports CNBC.

    The SEC has reached a settlement with the suspects in the investigation. All but rapper Soulja Boy have agreed to pay a $400,000 fee.

  • Got a falling lamp post on him – taken to hospital

    In connection with a car driving into a lamppost on Ystadsvägen outside Malmö, a person was hit by the lamppost, Sydsvenskan reports.

    The person was taken to hospital and the condition of the injuries is unclear.

    According to the police, the lamp post is live and the municipality is handling the matter.

    There are no criminal suspects in connection with the accident.

    The alarm came in at 6:30 p.m.

  • Knife robbery in Knivsta

    A shop in Knivsta has been robbed.

    The staff has been threatened with a knife, the police write.

    The suspected perpetrator was arrested at the scene.

    No one has been injured.

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  • Hi, asking again, is there a risk of an egg crisis at Easter after all the salmonella alarms?


  • Can’t find today’s newspaper, 22/3, by AB.

    What has happened? Does reinstalling the app help?

    (have a subscription)


    Hello! We have had some problems with today’s e-magazine. Our engineers are working hard to solve it!

  • What is it really like in the editorial office? Do most of them eat box or do they go out to eat?


    I’d say it’s very mixed here! Some usually have a lunchbox, some don’t.

  • Hello, please write why Volvo must be fined in the USA. Kind regards, MATHIAS

    Mathias Moller

    Hi Mathias! Volvo is considered to have failed in its accident and safety reporting in the US.

    More precisely, it is about “late damage reports, slow recalls and late error messages to affected vehicle owners”, according to the Swedish truck industry magazine Pro.

    In addition, they allegedly provided insufficient information about accidents where people were killed or injured in their trucks or buses.

  • Why does the media write so much about the banks? eg bank crash, people just get more worried and people withdraw their money and then we get a bank crash, doesn’t the media have a responsibility here?

    Mats Andersson

    Understand your point Mats.

    But it would be direct misconduct on our part not to report what we know about what is happening. Especially with the aim of influencing events by keeping people uninformed…

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