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Continued problems for Telia customers

today at 08.14 Anna Sjögren

During Sunday, Telia suffered a technical error which meant that customers could not access their email and log in to My Telia.

During Sunday evening and Monday morning, there are continued problems, according to several customers.

– The service is up again. If you still have problems, you should contact customer service. It may take a little push to get started, says Irene Krohn, press manager at Telia.

Many customers are critical that they did not receive information about the problems.

– We regret it. We had customer service answering questions on social media. It wasn’t a problem that affected everyone and it’s difficult for us to get a handle on the extent of it all, says Irene Krohn.

Latest news

  • Most important climate report ever presented

    The UN climate panel IPCC publishes a new climate report on Monday with over 10,000 pages of scientific studies completed, reports AFP.

    It could be the most important report in nearly a decade.

    The last climate report published in 2014 stated that global warming is progressing faster than expected. Extreme weather has become more frequent and worse due to human emissions.

    Lars J Nilsson at Lund University is one of the authors.

    – It is quite decisive that electricity production with wind and solar becomes cheaper than electricity production with fossil fuels, he says to Sveriges Radio.

  • Traffic accident at Hisingen – car transport lost car

    There has been a traffic accident on Hisingsleden on Monday morning – a car transport has collided, reports P4 Gothenburg.

    Biltransporten has lost part of its load, a car, which has caused queues in the morning traffic.

  • Analyst: Bad trading day ahead

    No major stock market gains are expected on Monday, according to Esbjörn Lundevall, equity strategist at SEB, TT reports.

    But the announcement that UBS bought Credit Suisse this weekend may have prevented a bigger race. On Monday, major stock market crashes have been seen in Asia in Tokyo and Hong Kong, among others.

    – We always have to compare with what would have happened if we had not received a weekend solution for Credit Suisse. If I were to guess, the stock market would have been down much more then, Esbjörn Lundevall tells TT and continues:

    – However, it does not seem to be 100 percent ready, but must be approved at other levels. Now the authorities probably have to convince the shareholders of Credit Suisse that if there had been no solution there would have been a bankruptcy instead, and then they would have lost 100 percent.

    The Stockholm Stock Exchange looks set to open in the red.

  • Taiwan’s ex-president on his way to China

    Taiwan’s former president Ma Ying-Jeou is visiting China next week, TT reports.

    It is described as an attempt to ease tensions between the self-governing island and China.

    However, there are no plans for him and his delegation to visit Beijing or meet representatives of the Chinese government.

    Taiwan’s incumbent President Tsai Ing-Wen’s office announced that it “hopes that Ma, in her role as former head of state … can demonstrate the value of Taiwan’s democracy and freedom and equality and dignity in cross-strait exchanges.”

  • The concern: The death toll after the quake could be twice as high

    Turkey’s official death toll from the earthquake disaster is over 48,000.

    But according to Turkey’s National Medical Association, the figure could be twice as high.

    That’s what Şebnem Korur Fincancı, president of the National Medical Association of Turkey, says to SR Ekot.

    That’s because not all houses that were damaged have been searched.

    Officially, there is no clear information on the number of people missing in the disaster.

  • Over 11,000 without electricity in Norrköping

    Norrköping has been hit by an extensive power outage.

    The outage at Eon occurred at 05:22 on Monday morning.

    11,434 electricity customers are currently affected.

    – There is a major interruption in central Norrköping, so it makes it a little more precarious, says Patric Elmén at Eon’s press service.

    Homes, shops and other businesses are affected.

    – It’s a very big fuse that has blown. We have no indications of what has happened, technicians have just arrived on the scene, says Patric Elmén.

    There is no forecast for when power may be restored.

  • Can ban school talk about periods

    A bill in Florida may ban conversations about periods in the younger grades in elementary schools, TT reports.

    According to the proposal, the subject should not be brought up until the children are around 11–12 years old.

    If the bill passes, it means that conversations about human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and related topics will be limited to grades 6-12.

  • Missing fisherman found dead

    A fisherman in his 50s who was reported missing has been found during a search operation in the Ronneby archipelago in Blekinge on the night of Monday.

    – He was found during the rescue operation, taken ashore and taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead, says police duty officer Peter Martin.

    A major rescue operation was underway on Sunday evening. Dense fog made the operation difficult, for example the rescue helicopter could not be used. (TT)

  • Kidnapped aid workers released

    Two aid workers kidnapped in Mali in early March were released on Sunday, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

    “We confirm that two ICRC staff who were kidnapped on March 4 between Gao and Kidal in northern Mali have been released this evening,” the ICRC writes on Twitter.

    The organization also writes that the two aid workers are unharmed and were released without conditions. (TT)

  • Macron hopeful ahead of vote

    French President Emmanuel Macron is hopeful ahead of Monday’s final ruling on the pension reform that has led to major protests.

    Macron said in a written statement on Sunday that he hopes the proposal on Monday can reach the finish line of “his democratic journey”.

    The pension proposal will be adopted by parliament on Monday unless either of the two different requests for no-confidence votes against the government goes through. (TT)

  • The alarm: Children eat tranquilizers in Tikto challenge

    A new challenge on Tiktok in which children take sedatives is causing concern in Latin America, reports Swedens radio.

    Young people have ended up in hospital after taking part in the “Last to sleep” challenge.

    They have then taken sedative tablets and tried to stay awake as long as possible.

    In Mexico, 500 such incidents were reported in 2022.

    So far this year, around 40 children in the country have needed hospital care. Similar cases have been reported in Ecuador and Chile.

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    Latest news

  • Thank you, Irene Pozar, for your wise words about surrogate mothers!


    Hi Kristina! We also made a news article about it, which you can read here. There, Carina Bergfeldt responds to the criticism of the interview with Mikael Bindefeld and his husband.

  • What is happening with Telia? No contact with email accounts since 07:00 this morning. Strange or missing info etc.


    Hi Jörgen! We wrote a bit about it yesterday. Telia had some technical error that caused problems with email and logging in to My Telia. It was resolved during the afternoon. According to Telia’s press manager, you should contact customer service if there are continuing problems today.

  • Good morning!

    How did the unknown object that was found at Scaniabadet in Malmö a couple of days ago?

    -Anders B.

    Anders Jonas Bergcrantz

    Hello Anders! It turned out to be an old buoy. So completely harmless!

  • Hello, wondering about the news headline “Woman found dead in freezer in Värmland – remanded in custody”. Can’t a dead person be detained?! Maybe it’s good to correct the title…


    Hehe, that’s getting a little crazy. Glad you saw it!

  • Big craving for sun trips this summer. Where do people get money these days?

    Is it the electricity subsidy that promotes travel? If you can afford to go abroad, maybe you don’t need electricity support?

    Where is Sweden heading?


    Difficult questions to answer Marit.

    There are quite large economic gaps in Sweden. Some can afford a trip abroad, while others are forced to spend every penny.

    The economist interviewed in this article expresses concern about how much travel is being bought. According to him, there may be people who book without thinking it through.

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