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Boy stabbed in fight

today at 23.47 Lukas Jacobson

A boy has been stabbed in connection with a fight in Svedala.

– The information we now have is that there are six to seven perpetrators, says Rickard Lundqvist press spokesperson for the South police region.

Several of the people were masked during the fight.

Another boy was threatened during the fight.

Latest news

  • Couple abused in Tyresö

    A young couple has been abused by a group of young men in Tyresö, south of Stockholm.

    The police were alerted at 9.30pm on Thursday evening.

    – After some kind of argument at a distance, they knocked a man down and continued when he was lying down. Then they ran from the scene, says Daniel Wikdahl, press spokesperson at the Stockholm Police.

    The man was subjected to a serious assault and severe violence to the head, but did not want to wait for an ambulance.

    The woman was abused by the normal degree, the police write.

  • Large police operation in Solna

    The police have cordoned off parts of a residential area. Photo: Reader image

    The police are in Solna and are carrying out an operation.

    “Persons who are to be deprived of liberty in an investigative case involving serious crime try to escape the police,” the police write on their website.

    According to information to Aftonbladet, a weapon has been found. The incident must be connected to the recent wave of violence in Stockholm.

    Two people have been arrested.

    The police have set up cordons at a residential area.

  • Major operation in Sundsvall – several arrested

    Police on site in Sundsvall. Photo: Björn Lindahl

    Several people have been arrested at various addresses around Sundsvall after a large police operation.

    Both weapons and drugs have been seized.

    The operation is “part of the police’s intensive work against criminal actors in Sundsvall”, the police write on their website.

    The police state that they cannot provide any more information at this time, but that a press release about the operation will be released on Friday.

  • PM Nilsson: Leaving the job as State Secretary

    Drops off. Photo: Kristian Pohl/Governingskansliet

    PM Nilsson is leaving his job as state secretary after the revelation about eel fishing, he writes on Facebook.

    “I want to thank Ulf Kristersson for his trust, his warm leadership and cheerful mood. I have a fantastic staff that was fun to work with. I have learned a lot in an admittedly too short but very intense time”.

  • Hungary’s NATO decision is delayed until March

    Hungary is one of the two NATO countries that have not yet ratified Sweden’s NATO application.

    In an interview with DN says Minister of Justice Judit Varga that the issue will be dealt with during the parliament’s spring session in March.

    When asked if Parliament will vote in March on the decision in March, she says:

    – Maybe, but it is up to the parliament to decide, she says.

  • Man robbed of grocery bags

    A man in Gothenburg had been shopping when he was beaten and robbed of his grocery bags by two perpetrators, the police write on their website.

    One man was arrested nearby. The other is still at large.

    A robbery report has been filed.

  • No new government support money for SAS

    Crisis-affected airline SAS ended 2022 with a substantial loss, reports E24. SAS is now carrying out a reconstruction and announced today that the company had SEK 5.1 billion in cash at the end of December. At the end of November, the figure was SEK 7.2 billion. During 2023, the airline needs to bring in new capital, but the Swedish state, which owns 21.8 percent of the company, will not push for any new support money.

    Last summer, the then minister of business Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson announced that SAS could not count on any new government support.

    To a question from Aftonbladet, the Ministry of Finance replied this evening that the new government, despite the losses in the company, maintains the same line as the previous one.

  • Sweden participates in tank meeting

    Defense Minister Pål Jonson (M). Photo: BJÖRN LINDAHL

    Defense Minister Pål Jonson (M) will participate in a meeting on Friday about the possibility of sending the Leopard tank to Ukraine.

    – We will do what we can to make it possible to also send tanks to Ukraine, says Defense Minister Pål Jonson to TT.

    The Sweden Democrats have requested that the government probe the terrain to see if some of Sweden’s Leopard tanks – called tank 122 – can be sent, which SR Ekot has reported on.

  • Turkish hackers call for attacks on Swedish banks

    A Turkish hacker forum is now calling for cyber attacks against Swedish authorities and banks, reports Echo.

    The Riksbank is now warning banks, organizations and other bodies against attacks.

  • Police have shut down large ransomware network

    In an international effort, the police have shut down the extortion network Hive, the police write in a press release.

    Europol has coordinated the effort in which several countries, including Sweden, participated – something that led to the US, together with Germany and the Netherlands, being able to shut down Hive’s IT infrastructure and platform, according to the police.

    In the past year, the network has struck with ransomware attacks against, among other things, schools, hospitals and other critical infrastructure.

    The effort has led to ransom sums of over SEK 1.3 billion being able to be stopped.

    – By the fact that the affected companies reported to the police early that they had been subjected to a ransomware attack, we have been able to prevent the ransom having to be paid for some, says Dan Håland, group manager at the regional IT crime center in the South region.

  • At least 48 salmonella-infected eggs

    At least 48 people have been infected with salmonella after eating eggs from laying hens at CA Cedergren. This is stated by the Public Health Agency, reports The barometer.

    The cases are found in 13 different regions in Sweden and the people have fallen ill between December 7, 2022 and January 13, 2023.

    – It is likely that more cases of illness may be added as it remains to type salmonella from already reported salmonella-infected persons who state that they have eaten dishes with raw eggs from the recalled batches, says Rikard Dryselius, investigator at the Public Health Agency.

    In early January, several food chains recalled large batches of eggs after alarms about salmonella.

    However, the Public Health Authority urges the public to keep track of which eggs they have at home.

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    Latest news

  • Hi, I wonder if it is still possible to see the green comet from Gothenburg

    K å Johansson

    Hey! The best chance to see the green comet seems to have been on January 21 and 22. But even now, during the last week of January, it seems you can catch a glimpse of it, if the sky is cloudless and you have good binoculars!

  • Why is it not a crime to buy drugs in Sweden, only to sell them?


    Hey! It is a crime to buy, use and sell narcotics in Sweden.

  • The Kristersson government must be the most pathetic and pitiful ever! Why don’t they dare to face the consequences of their policies? They keep secret who gets electricity subsidies and how much, for 20 years!!! Why!?


    Hey! The government states that it is about wanting to protect “individuals’ personal circumstances”. They have also referred to the security policy situation.

  • Freedom of speech, ok, but when does it cross the line. Hang a lifelike doll, burn book revered by millions.

    Is there no legal scope to prosecute them for blasphemy, personal persecution, etc.?

    gunner current sheet

    The blasphemy law was abolished in 1949.

    The Freedom of Religion Act was abolished in 1970 because freedom of expression weighs more heavily.

    Unlawful persecution means committing several criminal violations against one and the same person.

    The burning of the Koran has been investigated for incitement against a ethnic group, but in Sweden you can express strong disrespect for a religion. It is not the same as expressing it to the believers.

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