Latest news – Big fight with the annex – several injured

  • Big fight with the addition – several injured

    The police have been alerted to a fight on Möllevångstorget in Malmö.

    A large number of people are involved and several additions have been used.

    Some of the men involved have injuries, according to the police.

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  • The Swedish CFO quits

    Carolina Dybeck Happe, 50, is stepping down as CFO of General Electric.

    This is confirmed in a press release from the group.

    “Carolina has played a critical role over the past few years, helping to significantly reduce GE’s debt, improve our financial and operating results, and build the strategy and execution of our spin-off plan,” said Chairman and CEO Henry Lawrence Culp Jr. in the press release, according to Today’s industry.

    Dybeck Happe joined GE in March 2020 from Maersk. Before that, she worked for Assa Abloy for 16 years.

    According to Di, Forbes has described her assignment as “one of the toughest in the entire United States.”

  • Police surround Imran Khan’s house

    Pakistani police have surrounded former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s residence in Lahore, writes TT.

    Khan is in the house and reports on the drama himself.

    “This is probably my last post before I’m arrested. The police have surrounded my house,” he writes on Twitter, according to TT.

    The former prime minister was given 24 hours to hand over some 40 people who are said to be in his home.

    The deadline has now expired, but the police are still standing outside the door.

  • Gold robbery in the square – two men are being chased

    Two masked men snatched a gold necklace from a woman’s neck on Kista Torg in Stockholm.

    The men then ran from the scene.

    The police have searched the area with dogs but have not been able to find them.

    The woman is said to have managed without serious injuries, but suffered a blush after the jolt.

    The incident is being investigated as a robbery.

  • They forced their way into the home – suspected attempted rape

    When the woman opened the door to her home in Haninge, she thought it was a friend who knocked.

    Then an unknown man forced his way in and tried to force sex, according to the police.

    The woman defended herself and pushed the man out before calling the police.

    A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted rape.

  • ChatGPT is launched as an app

    On Thursday, the popular AI chatbot was released as an app in the US for the iPhone, writes the company OpenAI on its website.

    “We are starting the launch in the US and will continue with other countries in the coming weeks,” the company writes on its blog.

    Unlike the web version, in the app you must also be able to ask questions with your voice.

  • Two injured in shooting in Askim

    Two men in their 20s have been injured in a shooting in Askim in Gothenburg.

    A large police operation is currently underway at the scene.

    According to information to Aftonbladet, the shooting is linked to a local gang conflict.

    Read more here.

  • Policeman slightly injured after the Swedish Cup final

    A policeman has been slightly injured at Strandvallen’s football arena in Sölvesborg after a riot broke out between the final team’s supporters.

    The police entered the arena to calm the atmosphere between Mjällby and BK Häcken’s supporters who rushed onto the pitch when the match ended.

    There is no other damage information.

    Read more here.

  • Colombia turns – after report of rescued children

    President Petro poodles. Photo: John Vizcaino/AP

    Colombian President Gustavo Petro claimed four children had been found alive on Wednesday – 17 days after the plane crash in the jungle.

    Now he backs down.

    “I have decided to remove it because the information from the ICBF could not be confirmed. I’m sorry for what happened,” he writes on Twitter.

    “The military forces and the indigenous people will continue in their tireless quest to bring the country the news it is waiting for. At the moment there is no priority other than to continue the search until you find them. Children’s lives are the most important,” he writes.

  • Bird flu in Moscow

    Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has imposed quarantine in eleven districts of the capital following an outbreak of bird flu, the reports independent Moscow Times.

    City residents in the remaining 114 districts are prohibited from visiting the affected parts.

    According to the World Health Organization WHO the risk of humans becoming infected remains low.

    Since May, 22 outbreaks of bird flu have been registered in Russia.

  • Domino crash at intersection – five cars involved

    A car with a driving ban collided with a car in front at an intersection in Järfälla.

    Then a “domino effect” arose, according to the police.

    “The hit car bounces into the next car in front, which in turn goes into the next one, which hits the next one… A total of five drivers collide with each other,” the police write on their website.

    The drivers of one of the cars hit have been taken to hospital by ambulance for a check-up. No one is said to have been seriously injured.

  • Man stabbed with a sharp object

    A man in his 20s has been stabbed with a sharp object in Kalmar. Police and an ambulance were sent to the scene where the man was found with stab wounds.

    A perpetrator has been arrested, but there is so far no criminal classification,

    – We are still at an early stage with initial measures. We interrogate witnesses to create a picture of what has happened, says Rickard Lundqvist, press spokesperson for police region South

  • 75-year-old with soft airgun taken into police custody

    During the afternoon, the police were alerted about a man who entered a hotel in Ronneby municipality. According to people at the scene, the man was behaving “strangely” and was carrying a weapon-like object.

    In an attempt to disarm the man, the hotel person attacked. Then it turned out that the object the man was carrying was an air weapon, a so-called soft airgun.

    The man, who is in his 75s, was later taken into custody by the police for intoxication. It is still unclear whether he is suspected of a crime.

  • Norway sends long-range weapons to Ukraine

    To be sent to Ukraine. Photo: FRM/NTB

    Norway will send long-range weapons to Ukraine, the Norwegian government states in a press release.

    The delivery is made in close cooperation with Great Britain.

    It is about rocket artillery of the MLRS type, according to the government.

    – This is a weapon that has had a great effect in the conflict, and has given Ukraine the opportunity to delimit Russian supply lines and also knock out a number of important targets behind the front lines, says Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram.

  • Summer closed on Kiev’s beaches

    The beaches in Kiev will not open this summer, the city administration says.

    The reason is that there are no shelters there.

    “In light of continuous enemy attacks on the capital, residents and guests of Kiev are advised not to visit beaches at the moment,” reads a press release, according to the Ukrainian News Agency Interfax.

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  • What happened to the elderly man who refused to move his car after having his tires punctured by mats of nails last winter?


    Hi Anna!

    The last I read about him was in The Wermlands newspaper in November.

    Then he would buy a new car after living in the old one for two weeks. He then said that he intended to lift the broken car into the air and leave it at the scene.

    He also told us at Aftonbladet that he would register the old car at the National Police Board.

  • If you throw fags everywhere they rot and if so how long does it take to empty them please


    Hello! According to the organization Keep Sweden Clean, it takes approximately 1-5 years for a discarded cigarette butt to decompose into microplastic.

    “Microplastic can take 100 years before it disappears, if it even does,” they also write.

  • Why is only one of the spy brothers named and pictured?


    Hello! Both are named in the article. Why we only have one picture of Payam Kia is because the article is about him.

  • What has happened to Aftonbladet directly? Previously, you ended up directly on the news you clicked on, but now you always end up at the top and have to scroll down through the feed to get to the article you are interested in reading. Wish that feature came back.


    Hello! Some readers seem to have had issues with it over the past few days so we’ll check it out! If you haven’t updated the app, you can test with that as well (if you read via the app, that is).

  • Hello, May 17th today. Does it show on the editorial staff’s lunch boxes?


    It’s not lunch yet, but haven’t heard anything about the May 17 special in the lunchbox yet. Norwegians eat an average of four sausages per person on May 17, according to a press release from SAS . So if you want to pay tribute to Norway, a sausage with bread can be a suitable way!

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