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Banks in the US are appealing for more support

today at 11.34 Anna Sjögren

A group of medium-sized banks in the US is appealing to the authorities to extend the deposit guarantees, reports TT.

In a letter to, among others, Finance Minister Janet Yellen, the financial authority FDIC and the central bank (Federal Reserve), they write that the guarantee must be extended to apply for two years.

The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank has led to a flood of money from the nation’s smaller and mid-sized banks to the big giants, which are deemed too big to fail.

Extended deposit guarantees would stop this, according to the banks.

If another bank is drawn into the crisis, the money flight would be even greater, they warn.

The central bank announced this week that together with the US authorities, it is entering into deposit guarantees so that vulnerable customers are not affected in the banking crash.

Latest news

  • Single accident on E45 – major traffic impact

    A traffic accident took place on Sunday morning on the E45 outside Lilla Edet, according to P4 West.

    The Swedish Transport Administration states that the road is completely closed, and that traffic is greatly affected until approximately 12:30.

  • Burglary in a goldsmith’s shop in Gothenburg

    At seven o’clock the police were alerted to a goldsmith’s shop in central Gothenburg where a burglary had taken place.

    On site, the door to the shop has been broken open, and goods have been stolen.

    According to the police, the thieves did not take anything valuable.

    – It seems that they only took props. But we have to do a proper inventory, says Peter Adlersson, the police’s press spokesperson Gothenburg Post.

    At this time, no one is a suspect. Two cars were seen leaving the scene.

  • Man wanted in custody for murder in Värmland – woman found in freezer

    A man in Värmland is suspected of murder after his partner was found dead in a freezer, according to Aftonbladet’s information.

    The man is now wanted in custody on suspicion of murder and, on probable grounds, suspected of grave breach of peace and breach of peace, the Prosecutor’s Office announces.

    A custody hearing will take place in the Värmland district court in Karlstad today at 3 p.m.

    Read more here.

  • Spoiled the Farm final – apologies

    Photo: Screenshot of TV4’s Facebook page

    Viewers are furious after a post that TV4 published on its Facebook page on Friday evening.

    In the post, the winner of the Farm was revealed. This despite the fact that the final is broadcast on TV4 tonight.

    “It would be really sick to show the results of a competition before it has been shown,” writes a disappointed viewer under the post.

    “Thanks for that! Maybe tell me who wins Robinson while you’re on the move,” writes another.

    Now the channel apologizes to the viewers.

    “There was a mistake with this post. We have now fixed this and apologize to those who received unwanted information,” the social media department greets in an email via the press service.

    Read more here.

  • Central Malmö cordoned off – suspected sex crime

    The police have cordoned off an area in central Malmö due to a suspected sexual crime, which Sydsvenskan has reported on.

    The cordon has been in place since early Sunday morning.

    – We have a cordon at Anna Lindh’s place as there has been a suspected sexual crime during the night with a criminal suspect. We will not go out with more details at this time, says Evelina Olsson, press spokesperson at the police.

    The police are conducting a technical investigation and are searching with dogs.

  • Disturbances at Telia during the morning

    Several of Telia’s customers report disturbances during the morning.

    Among other things, it has not been possible to log in to the My Telia service and e-mail.

    – We have had a technical error in our internal technical systems, but we have found the error. So most things should be up and running again, says Irene Krohn, press manager at Telia.

    She says that there may be some delays and that some users may continue to have problems for some time to come.

  • Mexican soldiers in ambush – seven dead

    Seven people were killed in the state of Guerrero in southwestern Mexico when a group of soldiers was ambushed by members of a drug cartel, TT reports.

    Two of the dead were soldiers, the other five assailants, according to local media.

    According to the Mexican military, the ambush was carried out by 18 gunmen in two vehicles.

    The attack occurred on Friday afternoon in the community of El Pescado, located in a mountainous and difficult to access part of Guerrero.

    The state is one of Mexico’s poorest and has for many years been the scene of a violent conflict between rival cartels fighting for control of the area.

  • A man with a gunshot wound is being treated in hospital

    A man in his 30s has been shot in Norrköping.

    The alarm came at 05:28.

    The man is being treated in hospital, but has not been able to be interviewed by the police.

    The police suspect that the man was shot in connection with being robbed, TT writes.

    The crime scene is not known at the moment, but the police believe it must have happened in central Norrköping.

    The man should not have life-threatening injuries.

  • Sources: Buffett ready to support troubled banks

    Warren Buffett has stepped in before to save troubled banks. Archive image. Photo: Nati Harnik/AP/TT

    The American financier and multi-billionaire Warren Buffett signals that he may be ready to provide support to the country’s troubled banks, TT reports.

    During the week, Buffett has been in contact with President Joe Biden’s staff to discuss the ongoing banking crisis.

    According to Bloomberg’s sources, the talks have been about how Buffett could invest in regional banks in the United States. He is said to have also contributed with advice and guidance due to the unrest in the markets.

    Buffett has a long history of helping banks in crisis.

    The White House has not commented on the data.

  • Heavy house fire in Norrköping last night

    Photo: Niklas Luks/Nkpg.News

    At 01.50 during the night, the emergency services were alerted to a fire in a villa in Norrköping.

    When the emergency services arrived at the scene, the villa was heavily on fire. It has been destroyed in the fire.

    – The walls are still there, but the building is uninhabitable. says My Hallving, alarm and line operator at the rescue service in Östra Götaland.

    There are no reports that anyone was injured in the fire.

  • Many dead in bus accident in Bangladesh

    At least 17 people have died in a bus accident in Bangladesh, TT reports.

    A bus drove off a highway, through a railing and into a ten-meter-deep ditch, the police in the country announced. It is a newly built highway in the Shibchar area southwest of the capital Dhaka.

    A further 25 people have been injured.

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    Latest news

  • Telia’s fault.

    Haven’t had any problems accessing Telia’s website. However, the webmail does not work. Did you say anything about the “lag” how long you thought it might be?



    Hi Kerstin! Unfortunately, we didn’t get any further details on how long it can lag behind, but the error should have been found and resolved.

  • The French hold large demonstrations when they raised the retirement age from 62 to 64. In Sweden, the government raises every year and we Swedes bow and bow and never say no…. Am really worried about Sweden’s future.

    Never learn to experience retirement age until it’s time for me (30 now).. Not worth having a discussion about this?


    Hi Martina! The French have a different tradition of protesting than we have here in Sweden, it can be stated. It is absolutely worth discussing, as are other political decisions that are made. If the pension system were to be scrapped completely, there would probably be reactions here as well.

  • What kind of disease is spreading in Tanzania? If you have written about it, there is a new pandemic underway.


    It seems unclear what kind of nasty it is. But so far they seem to have found only seven confirmed cases.

    Here you can read about it.

  • Should Trump be arrested, or is it just what he claims? Does the information come from independent sources?

    Crisis meeting

  • Hello! What is happening with the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhya? Wouldn’t the fuel run out tomorrow? Nuclear accident in progress?

    Amila Larsson

    Russia continues to bombard the area with intense robotic attacks.

    The nuclear power plant recently suffered a serious power outage, following a Russian missile attack.

    All the world’s expertise continues to warn.

    “Each attack is like rolling a die. If we let this go on, our luck will run out one day,” IAEA chief Rafael Grossi said in a speech yesterday.

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