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Armed men threatened man in car

today at 06.47 Amanda Hällsten

Early on Monday morning, the police were alerted that a man in Halmstad had been threatened with a weapon-like object.

The man is said to have been sitting in his car when two men approached him and started hitting and kicking the car.

One of the men is said to have been masked and carrying a weapon-like object.

The man then allegedly managed to drive away from the scene and then alerted the police.

The man also states that he has no previous threats against him.

The police searched the area but did not find the suspects.

Latest news

  • Red warning for flooding

    SMHI has issued two red warnings for high water flows around Övre Viskan and Övre Ätran.

    An orange flood warning applies in the area around Jönköping, Borås, Växjö and Karlskrona.

    Several yellow warnings for high flows also apply in southern Sweden.

  • US expands training of Ukrainian forces

    The US military’s new and expanded combat training of Ukrainian forces began in Germany on Sunday.

    The goal is to train a battalion of about 500 soldiers over the next five to eight weeks, according to US Defense Secretary Mark Milley.

    In Germany, the soldiers will learn how to better move and coordinate in units consisting of artillery, combat vehicles and ground forces.

    The training effort, along with new arms deliveries, is an important support to help Ukraine defend itself and retake territory occupied by Russia, according to Milley. (TT)

  • Shooting in Uppsala

    The police were alerted during the evening about suspected shooting in the nature area Gottsundagipen in Uppsala.

    The patrols on site found empty shell casings.

    The police searched the area with, among other things, a helicopter, but have not found anyone injured.

    A report of serious weapons crime has been drawn up.

  • Package found with traces of uranium at Heathrow

    A package with traces of the radioactive substance uranium was found in a package at Heathrow Airport outside London in the United Kingdom at the end of December.

    A man in his 60s was later arrested in northwest England, but has been released on bail, British police said on Sunday.

    “Based on what we currently know, this incident still does not appear to be linked to any direct threat to the public,” said Richard Smith, head of the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism unit. (TT)

  • 22-year-old arrested after church shooting

    Police in London have arrested a 22-year-old man after the shooting in north London on Saturday afternoon in which six people were injured, says Sky News.

    A seven-year-old girl suffered life-threatening injuries in the shooting, which occurred outside a Catholic church where a memorial service for two dead women, a mother and daughter, had just ended.

    The shots were fired from a black Toyota which then drove away from the scene. No motive has emerged.

  • Body has been in mortuary for three years

    In 2019, a body came into the morgue in Gothenburg.

    It is still there, reports P4 Gothenburg.

    According to the Funeral Act, a body must be cremated or buried no later than four weeks after death. Why this body has not been buried is still unclear.

    – I can’t actually answer that, because the only thing we can do is send the information to the Tax Authority and then it’s their job to find out if there are any close relatives, says Camilla Sydvart, unit manager for clinical pathology with responsibility for the mortuary, to the radio.

    According to her, it is not simple to bury the body.

    – Who will take responsibility? Is it the municipality, the region, who pays? And so on, she says.

  • Attempted murder – young man entered the emergency room

    A knife-injured man in his 20s entered the emergency room in Malmö on Sunday evening.

    The young man appears to have made it to the hospital on foot, the police said South Sweden.

    His injury status is currently unclear.

    The police were alerted to the incident at 9.40pm. They have cordoned off a suspected crime scene outdoors on Möllevången, and will carry out a technical investigation.

    About an hour after the alarm came, two men, both in their 20s, had been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

  • Demirok (C): Has not been violent more times

    Muharrem Demirok, who is expected to become the Center Party’s new party leader, participated this evening in SVT’s Agenda.

    There he was asked why he himself did not tell the party’s election committee that he has been convicted of assault twice.

    He allegedly scalped two different people. Once when he was in high school and once when he was 22 and studying at university.

    Demirok was asked if he had been violent more times than the two times he was charged.

    That is, if he mistreated other people who did not report the incidents.

    – No, I don’t have that, he said to SVT.

  • Erdogan’s words after the puppet protest

    During a youth conference in Turkey, President Erdogan commented on the action where a doll representing himself was hung outside Stockholm’s city hall.

    The president demanded that Sweden take measures after the action.

    – If they do not take any measures against this situation in Sweden, it may strain our relations with Sweden even more, he said according to Turkish Yeni Akit.

    The day after the action, Speaker Anderas Norlén’s planned visit to Ankara was cancelled. According to Erdogan, such a visit is out of the question unless Sweden changes its view of Turkey.

    – Our speaker in the assembly refused this visit. As it stands now, this visit will not take place.

  • The gas pipeline in Lithuania repaired

    The gas pipeline between Latvia and Lithuania that exploded on Friday has been repaired.

    This is announced by the gas company Amber Grid in a press release.

    They write that ten meters of the line have been replaced, but they have not let up on the gas yet.

    According to TT, the company has said that the cause of the explosion was probably a technical error linked to damage to the pipeline’s welding joint.

    The explosion occurred near the Lithuanian village of Valakėliė. A massive fire broke out with flames as high as 50 meters.

  • Mexico faces tough smoking ban

    Mexico has introduced a law that makes it completely forbidden to smoke in public places, writes BBC.

    The smoking ban applies to parks, beaches, hotels, offices and restaurants, for example. In principle, you are only allowed to smoke in private homes.

    This means that Mexico now has one of the strictest smoking bans in the world.

    It will also be completely prohibited to advertise tobacco products – cigarettes may not even be seen inside shops.

    Police corruption is widespread in Mexico, and many fear that instead of issuing fines, the police will use the law to accept bribes.

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    Latest news

  • Hello, do you know who hung the doll?

    Hope they have sense enough to realize what they have done, it is Sweden’s security they have played with, somewhere there must be a limit to freedom.


    There was a guy called Andreas and a few others.

    You can read more about it here.

  • Hi, I wonder how it can be allowed in Sweden to hang a doll at the feet of a political figure. Can’t be democracy!

    It is forbidden to do the Hitelrhälsning should be the same prohibition and violation to hang a doll by the feet.

    – Gunnar Olsson

    Banning the expression of opinions (even less well-thought-out, incorrect, offensive or anti-democratic ones) can easily put democracy out of whack…

    The appropriateness of this week’s puppet protest in Stockholm can be debated. Which it does. But no one has been hurt.

    Johanna Frändén has written a column on the subject, you can read it here.

  • Why don’t you write anything about the heavy floods in Protaras and Ayia Napa in Cyprus?


    Thanks for the tip from you and a few other readers, Tina – it led to a notice!

  • Reacted strongly to your information about the bear bitten man. Does this mean that there are now bears in Norrtälje?

    Marie Simling

    Nasty to be bitten by a bear.

    There are bears in the forests in the northern parts of Norrtälje municipality, around Hallstavik and up towards Östhammar.

  • Who is in control of the large nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine. The Russians occupied it and forced the Ukrainian workers to operate it under threat.

    Hans Johansson

    It has Russia, led by the commander of the Russian forces that control the area.

    On this page they regularly update on the situation at the Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

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