Latest news – 599 refugees rescued outside Italy

  • 599 refugees rescued outside Italy

    A ship belonging to Doctors Without Borders has picked up 599 migrants who were on an overcrowded boat in distress off Sicily on Saturday, it writes the organization on Twitter.

    “After three hours of rescue work, the survivors are on board and taken care of by medical personnel,” writes the organization on Twitter.

    The migrants are now going to the coastal city of Bari and the journey according to the organization will take 40 hours.

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  • Had 31 rotting corpses in home – faces 12 years sentence

    A funeral director in southern Indiana, USA, faces four years in prison and eight years under house arrest for stealing human remains, reports AP.

    It was last July that a strong stench was reported from the funeral home. There, 31 rotting bodies and the ashes of another 17 were found. Some of the bodies had been in the house for months.

    Now the owner must pay punitive fines to the affected 53 families for missing funeral services. A sum of 46,000 dollars, close to 500,000 kroner.

  • Over a thousand activists arrested at demonstration – police injured

    On Saturday, activists blocked a highway in a large demonstration outside The Hague in the Netherlands.

    A total of 1,579 people were arrested on the spot, the majority of whom must belong to the Extinction Rebellion movement, TT reports.

    When the police tried to move the people, a commotion broke out and a police officer was injured.

  • Explosion in Lund: “Failed chemistry experiment”

    The Southern Rescue Service has responded to an alarm about some kind of explosion in Lund.

    On the spot, it could be ascertained that an explosion had occurred.

    – The explanation I received from the force leader is that it was a failed chemistry experiment that flared up, says Mats Nilsson, the duty officer of the rescue service.

    According to the police, the explosion took place outdoors.

    – We are aware of the matter. It appears to be an accident, says police spokesperson Evelina Olsson.

    One person has been taken to hospital by ambulance, according to South Sweden.

  • Car overturned – total stop on E20

    A passenger car has overturned on E20 at Åker’s sawmill. The emergency services have closed traffic in both directions.

    – It was the car that itself sent in the alarm through e-call at 19.37. It is a passenger car with three people that overturned before landing on all four wheels between the lanes. The emergency services have brought traffic to a complete standstill, says Torbjörn Lindqvist, officer on duty at the police.

    There is no information on personal injuries and no forecast for when traffic will resume.

  • Car has run into a wall

    A car has crashed into a wall in central Malmö.

    A park bench is also said to have been hit.

    The driver and a passenger left the scene on foot, according to the police.

  • Big supporter brawl: “Violent fight”

    Malmö FF and Elfsborg supporters have collided in Borås, writes Göteborgs-Posten.

    – It was apparently a violent fight. But no injured person has been found or made known, says Morten Gunneng, officer on duty at the police in Region West to GP.

    Three men with MFF sympathies have been taken into custody.

  • Man stopped at Arlanda with lots of money

    A person was stopped at Arlanda with a “large amount of money”, according to the police.

    Because the man has debts with the bailiff, the money was confiscated.

  • Large police effort after suspiciously started fires

    Right now, a large police operation is underway in Växjö after alarms about several fires.

    One of the fires broke out in the tires of a car in a garage, which led to a lot of smoke. Nearby, there was also a fire at a warehouse.

    The third fire started on the roof of a construction site where a multi-family house is to be built.

    The fires are suspected to be arson and the police are looking for suspected perpetrators.

    At 6 p.m., the police announced that there had also been a fire in the facade of a premises in the municipality.

  • Car fire on E4 – lane closed

    A car is on fire on the E4 in the northbound direction between Vagnhärad and Järna.

    – It has spread a little in the grass. E4 was completely closed for a while, but now we have one lane open, says the duty officer of the rescue service, Henrik Dewoon-Thorén.

    No one should have been injured.

    According to readers, there are long queues at the site.

  • Swish is down

    The payment service Swish is currently down. They state that it is due to operational disruptions and that no payments go through.

    “We are working hard to solve the problem,” Swish writes on his website.

    Swish urges customers to contact their bank for questions about transactions.

  • Unplanned shutdown for Forsmark – reactor is taken out of operation

    Forsmark 2 is being taken out of service due to an unplanned minor repair, says press manager Josef Nylén to TT.

    The reactor is expected to be out of operation until Monday.

    The nuclear power plant in Oskarshamn is also out of operation for annual planned maintenance.

    – But in the last week we have had extremely low electricity prices despite this. It has been windy and high water levels at the same time as it has been mild and warm, so there has been a large supply of electricity, says Josef Nylén.

  • Serbia’s president offers to resign from the party

    Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is offering to step down as party leader of the ruling SNS party, reports say Reuters.

    However, he will continue in the role of president.

    The announcement that he will leave the party leadership post comes after fierce protests against his rule. Among other things, he and the party have been accused of corruption, restrictions on the media and having links to organized crime.

    Milos Vucevic has been nominated as the new party leader.

  • All trains to Arlanda cancelled

    Two people had to be taken to hospital after the derailment Photo: Niklas Gustafsson

    No trains stop at Arlanda, says SL on its website.

    At the same time, Arlanda express announces that all trains during the weekend are canceled after the derailment on Saturday morning.

    – We do not have a forecast at the moment, there will be no trains during the weekend, our staff is on site and examining the site, by tomorrow at the latest we will be able to come up with a forecast of how it will look in the future, says Magnus Zetterberg, CEO of Arlanda Express.

    The derailment may have caused damage to the rails, TT reports.

    – There are a number of hundreds of meters of track that are broken on the ground and must be replaced. It will take time. It won’t be ready today, I can say, says Bengt Olsson, the Swedish Transport Agency’s press manager.

    Both long-distance trains, commuter trains and the Arlanda Express are affected by the broken rail.

  • Boy dead – stabbed

    A 15-year-old boy has died after he was injured with a knife during the night of Saturday, the police announced.

    Relatives have been notified.

    A teenage boy was arrested earlier today on suspicion of murder.

    Read more here.

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  • Regarding the flag day when the king celebrates 50 years on the throne. It is very appropriate. But will it be an annual flag day or will it only happen in 2023?


    Hi Rolf!

    The government’s proposal is for a “temporary public flag day”. It therefore only applies to 2023.

  • What happens at Stockholm Central Station? Stuck on a train that is not allowed to go due to police action.


    Hey Henrik!

    According to the Swedish Transport Administration, there must be unauthorized persons moving on the track area at Stockholm C.

    Right now there is no forecast for when traffic can resume.

  • Oh, what a nice report you made about the hospital horse Snowball & the dog Chip!!

    So lovely to be able to read about something nice between all the misery that is happening around the world!! Thank you!😊


  • Which channels are down is out with the boat, but we don’t get any information

    Kalle with the sailor hat

    It was the Swedish terrestrial network that messed up, so among others SVT and TV4 but also a bunch of pay channels.

    But now it should work again, according to Teracom.

    Enjoy the sailing Kalle! 🙂

  • Totally agree with the signature

    “Newsletter day week”.

    AB’s journalists in this column only answer the questions that suit them. Sossar is not better than others.


    We answer as many as we can and have time, Janssont.

    If we don’t have a good answer, you can take your question to another forum.

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