Last day to try to win an iPhone 13 or a telescope by answering the Futura survey!

Futura poll win an iPhone 13 or a telescope

We are 63% in France to have it, with a growth of 20% per year … Connected objects have invaded our daily lives, our fantasies and sometimes our concerns. What role could co-innovation play in order to better design them and that they respond to questions of security or sustainable development? This is the whole point of a survey carried out jointly between Futura and EDF Pulse & You.

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More and more, the Internet of Things is invading our daily lives. Connected objects make our life easier in the medical and domestic fields … but they transmit a mass of data and raise ethical questions.

Co-innovation, or intelligence collective, is experiencing an increasingly important boom in organizations. Certainly because bringing together a community of end users or actors of its ecosystem often allows new solutions to emerge thanks to the know-how of each individual. On subjects as major as connected objects, could collective intelligence have an impact to make them socially and environmentally more virtuous?

A survey was therefore co-designed with EDF Pulse & You to better understand how collaborative science and the exchange of ideas make it possible to advance projects and innovation. How do you think co-innovation can or should participate? How? Your answers will feed the first paper review of Futura to understand the world in turmoil … The most relevant ideas will be published and gifts will be given to the big winners! Among the endowments, an iPhone 13 or a telescope !

10,000 Pulsers, 100 campaigns, 60,000 ideas

Co-innovation is the daily life of EDF Pulse & You and its community. For 5 years now, the Pulseurs share their ideas, react to suggestions from EDF and other participants to imagine the products and services of tomorrow. EDF project managers, start-ups, individuals, each member of the community can share their experience and ideas on themes around comfort in the home, energetic transition and electric mobility and thus see its projects come to fruition. Since its launch, EDF Pulse & You has gathered more than 10,000 Pulsators throughout France, launched more than 100 campaigns, and more than 60,000 ideas and comments have already been shared on the platform.

The interest of co-innovation

An enthusiastic and fruitful dynamic with which Futura wished to join in its desire to make science and these issues accessible to everyone. ” In view of these qualities, the link with the Pulsers seems obvious to us., explains Gaël Le Boulch, in charge of Open Innovation for Individual Customers for EDF. We are convinced of the interest of co-innovation. But … what if we could help science too? It is this beautiful problem, this ambition, that we wish to share today with this campaign. Futura seems to us the ideal partner to animate and enhance the results. So to your keyboards! Your first ideas are great! As usual, let go! »Whether you are an expert, a regular or a novice, your opinion is important!

The more you participate, the more chances you have of winning an iPhone 13 or watching the stars with a telescope!

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