Largest dictation in the world: the 3 texts to print to practice at home

Largest dictation in the world the 3 texts to print

This Sunday, June 4, more than 5,000 people tested their spelling during the largest dictation in the world, organized on the Champs-Elysées. Here are the three texts to do dictation at home, with your family.

This is a world record, recognized by the Guinness World Records ! This Sunday, June 4, 5,000 people (among the 50,000 registered) lent themselves to the game of the greatest dictation in the world which took place in the open air, on the Champs-Elysees, i.e. more than 1700 participants at each of the dictations. Facing the blackboard, behind their desks, the students of the day were able to test their spelling through three texts:

  • Letters of my mill : “La Mule du Pape”, by Alphonse Daudet, a dictation read by Augustin Trapenard,
  • “Angry girl on a stone bench“, the latest novel by Véronique Ovaldé, dictated by the French writer Katherine Pancol
  • “Lover’s Dictionary of Ovalie” by Daniel Herrero, read by Pierre Rabadan, sports assistant for the City of Paris and former 3rd
    French stadium line.

If you too want to train at home, with your familyhere are the three dictations to print. How many mistakes would you have made in the greatest dictation in the world?

The dictation of our childhood, Text from Letters from my Windmill, “La Mule du Pape” by Alphonse Daudet © Largest dictation in the world


Dictation “Angry girl on a stone bench”, by Véronique Ovaldé © Largest dictation in the world


Text taken from the work “Dictionary in love with ovalia” by Daniel Herrero © Largest dictation in the world


“The “most beautiful avenue in the world” has thus been able to make room for culture and education, alongside the parade of the armies and those of the great fashion designers, between the Tour de France and Christmas Lights, among the digital, sport or fashion brands, with its museums, theaters and cinemas, thanks to this beautiful tribute paid to all those who, teachers and professors of the Republic, everywhere in France, learn French, its rigour, its freedom and its uses, to young schoolchildren“, rejoiced Marc-Antoine Jamet, president of the Champs-Élysées Committee.