Language election in the Green Party – here are the three candidates

Language election in the Green Party here are the
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The Green Party will soon go to mouthpiece elections – an election that has shaken the party to its core.

Aftonbladet’s compilation shows that so far it is an open race and that the large districts will go to the party congress without a recommendation to their own representatives.

– There are three strong candidates and none of them has gained so much weight that we are going out with a recommendation from the district, says Johan Ingvarson, chairman of MP in Skåne.

The Green Party’s choice of mouthpiece has created uproar in the party.

At the party congress later in November, the 265 delegates face the election of several male candidates who want to take over from Per Bolund.

The three strongest candidates are Magnus P Wåhlin, Martin Marmgren and the selection committee’s proposal Daniel Helldén.

But the party districts are split and right now the race is wide open.

Aftonbladet’s compilation shows that support for the three candidates varies across the country.

The representatives have complete freedom to vote as they wish, but some districts have still chosen to recommend or support a candidate.

full screenDaniel Helldén Photo: Lotte Fernvall

Largest districts are waiting: Up to each representative

Daniel Helldén has so far received pronounced support from the MP in Södermanland, which has eight representatives at the congress. In addition, 33 MP politicians around the country have chosen to stand behind Daniel Helldén and Märta Stenevi as a pair of spokespersons, some of whom are delegates to the congress.

The largest districts: Stockholm, Västra Götaland and Skåne have chosen different paths towards the mouthpiece vote.

In Stockholm, it has been chosen not to give any advisory statement to the representatives.

– We have decided that it is up to each representative to decide, says district chairman Patrik Sandström.

– The agents themselves wanted it.

The same applies in Skåne, which has 30 representatives who will vote at the congress.

– There are three strong candidates and none of them has gained so much weight that we are going out with a recommendation from the district, says Johan Ingvarson, chairman of MP in Skåne.

full screen Magnus P Wåhlin. Photo: Aftonbladet / 85725

Magnus P Wåhlin has a tailwind

MP in Gothenburg has supported Magnus P Wåhlin as spokesperson, but the district of Västra Götaland has so far not decided. At the beginning of next week, a vote will be held to gauge the support for the candidates, then a decision can be reached on how the district will vote for the congress.

On Sunday, the final internal hearing of the candidates is held where they meet party colleagues physically. The meeting is held in Umeå and right now Magnus P Wåhlin looks to have some tailwind.

In addition to Gothenburg, he also has the support of Grön Ungdom, which is going to the congress in Örebro with eight delegates. The Youth Association is strong in opinion formation and, according to environmentalists, has an ability to convince its fellow party members.

Just over a hundred people in the environmental movement have also chosen to openly stand behind Magnus P Wåhlin as Märta Stenevis’s spokesperson colleague.

full screen Martin Marmgren Photo: Per Karlsson/TT / TT News Agency

Marmgren receives support in Östergötland

The MP in Östergötland stands behind Martin Marmgren, who can thus count ten votes at the congress.

– Everyone agrees on Martin, so we will vote unanimously, says chairman Take Aanstoot.

Gröna Studentser has chosen to go to Örebro without expressing support for one of the candidates. Neither the Jönköping district nor Gävleborg have a clear candidate.

– We have not reached a common position and it does not look like we will. There is not enough clear support for one of them, says Anna Isaksson, chairman in Jönköping.

full screenMärta Stenevi. Photo: Lotte Fernvall

FACTS The district and number of representatives

Blekinge 4

Dalarna 7

Gotland 4

Gävleborg County 7

Halland 8

Jämtland County 4

Jönköping County 7

Kalmar county 5

Kronoberg county 5

Norrbotten 6

Skåne 30

Stockholm 55

Södermanland 8

Uppsala county 15

Värmland 7

Västerbotten 8

Västernorrland 7

Västmanland 5

Västra Götaland 39

Örebro county 8

Östergötland 11

Green Youth 8

Green Students 4

Green Seniors 3

Source: The Green Party

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