Lancia Renaissance Series Announces the Brand’s Revival

New Lancia Renaissance The short film follows its teaser, which was first released on Lancia Design Day on 28 November. posted on youtube. Voiced by Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano three part YouTube seriesthe multi-decker car company’s recent efforts to return to the market and to your future plans It offers an in-depth look.

The short film, according to Napolitano, The hard work of the Lancia teama testament to his dedication and passion.

For me, Lancia’s Renaissance is a dream come true. By following this particular strategic course of action, we want to position ourselves as a desirable, respected and valuable brand in the premium market in Europe.

The first episode of the series takes us to the first event since the return of the brand. Lancia Design DayIt takes you behind the scenes. The episode is to reveal details that are often kept secret. documentary style It combines elements of the past and the future using a format.

On the episode with Lancia’s head of design Jean Pierre Ploue and members of his team. your new logodesign language and Lancia Pu+Ra Includes interviews discussing the development of the Zero concept car.

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Throughout the episode, there is a clear sense of passion and respect for the rich heritage of the brand, which has made significant contributions to the automotive world. Lancia’s iconic vehicles The hard work and attention to detail that went into its re-enactment is pretty obvious.

The episode was filmed at various locations in Turin, including the Napolitano and Ploué offices, Lancia open space, Centro Stile, Stellantis Heritage Hub and Reggia di Venaria. The division also includes Lancia’s Aurelia and Flaminia, Stratos, Delta, Rally 037, Beta and Gamma. includes images of their old cars.

The end of the Lancia Renaissance lineup, with the introduction of the new Ypsilon model 2024will take place in. The second part of the series, in April this year It will be presented at Milan Design Week.