Labor Vaughan Gething will be the next Prime Minister

Labor Vaughan Gething will be the next Prime Minister

In the United Kingdom, each constituent nation has its own government and parliament, autonomous on certain matters. Current Labor leader Mark Drakeford has resigned and will step down by the end of the month. The arrival of Vaughan Gething represents a first.

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With our correspondent in the United Kingdom, Émeline Vin

Born in Zambia, Vaughan Gething will become the first black leader across all of Europe. The 50-year-old former lawyer, son of a Welsh veterinarian and a Zambian chicken farmer, was elected this Saturday March 16 as leader of the Welsh Labor Party and should therefore take the lead of the British nation. .

In his victory speech, Vaughan Gething praised “ a page that turns in the book of our country “. His family had to leave Wales when he was a child because of racism.

Even though he has been involved in politics since adolescence, an MP since 2011, the Welsh mainly discovered Vaughan Gething during the pandemic; he was then Minister of Health, since moved toEconomy.

His campaign was marred by the financing of a businessman convicted of environmental damage.

His victory in an internal election for the Welsh Labor Party, which brought together less than 100,000 voters out of a population of 3 million, was welcomed by the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunakbut not by the Welsh separatists.

The Welsh parliament must now validate his accession to head of government in the coming days.

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