L2W Esports Lost to Grindas in Quarterfinal Match

L2W Esports Lost to Grindas in Quarterfinal Match

Our representative who performed extremely well in the Global Offensive tournament ESEA Season 46: Main Division – Europe and reached the quarter-finals L2W Esports, played against Grindas in the last eight of the match that started at 20 o’clock last night. Our team won the first map against its opponent, but lost the next 2 maps and left the match with a heavy heart. Our representative will continue on his way from the “Lower Bracket” (losers stage).

L2W Esports Attended the Quarter-Final Match for Advanced League Tickets

The match between our representative L2W Esports and Grindas, who will guarantee the Advanced League ticket if they win, started last night (Sunday, October 30) on the Ancient map. Our team was the winner in the fight, which was extremely competitive from start to finish. Playing well at the end of the map, L2W Esports left the match with a 16-13 advantage and won the match. He took the lead 1-0.

The second match of the ESEA Season 46: Main Division – Europe quarter-final series was held on the Anubis map. In the map where Grindas is generally dominant, L2W Esports could not perform well. Grindas won the map with a score of 16-9 and leveled the match: 1-1!

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The deciding match of the quarter-final match between the two teams was held on the Mirage map. Our representative, who showed more resistance compared to the previous map, could not overcome his opponent. Evaluating the mistakes of L2W Esports, which made important mistakes at critical moments, grindas They left the match with a 16-10 advantage. Our opponent won the series 2-1 and managed to advance to the semi-finals.

There is Another Chance for Advanced League Ticket!

Our representative L2W Esports, who lost to its opponent in the ESEA Season 46: Main Division – Europe quarter-finals, still has a chance to get the Advanced League ticket. “On your way”Lower Bracket“The opponent of our representative in this stage, who will continue (from the losers’ stage), will be clear after the matches to be held today.

Collaboration Between Wrist Media and L2W Esports

While L2W Esports continues its struggle on the field, it also continues its development in other areas. According to the announcement made yesterday, a collaboration has been established between Wrist Media and L2W Esports. It has been announced that L2W Esports’ social media will now be under the management of Wrist Media.