L will not vote against Jomshof

Updated 11:15 | Published at 11:03 am

The opposition has demanded a vote on Richard Jomshof’s (SD) chairmanship of the justice committee.

But the Liberals will not vote against him, according to Johan Pehrson.

The Liberals’ party leader gave the news to TT at 11 o’clock.

– There is a practice in the Riksdag that you do not replace the committee chairman or deputy during the term of office, and I think that is appropriate, says Pehrson.

The question of Jomshof’s confidence as chairman was raised on Monday. Then S, V, MP and C announced that they will demand a vote on him at the justice committee meeting on 31 August.

The background is statements made by Jomshof in connection with the Koran burnings. Among other things, he has said that more Korans should be burned and called the prophet Muhammad a slave driver and mass murderer.

Johan Pehrson describes Jomshof’s statements as “deeply inappropriate”.

– The statements are deeply inappropriate and I have told Jimmy Åkesson that he must come back on how he will ensure that this does not happen again in light of the difficult security situation in which the country is.