kyiv accuses Moscow of executing two Ukrainian prisoners of war

kyiv accuses Moscow of executing two Ukrainian prisoners of war

While the Russian army continues its offensive near Avdiivka, the Ukrainian army accuses Russia of having executed two of their prisoners by bullets in the east of the country. The authenticity of the video, which is difficult to verify, has not yet been confirmed by kyiv.

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kyiv once again accuses Moscow of violating humanitarian law. This Sunday, February 18, the Ukrainian army claimed that Russia had shot dead two Ukrainian prisoners of war in the east of the country. “ The Russians once again showed their attitude towards international humanitarian law by shooting two Ukrainian prisoners of war », Declared on Telegram the country’s ground forces.

They published a short black and white video filmed from a drone, the authenticity of which is difficult to verify and on which we can see a soldier shooting at two soldiers who are very close to him in the same trench and do not put up any resistance. Without specifying where exactly this incident took place, the Ukrainian army simply indicates that it was the “Khortytsia” sector. The latter covers the regions of Kharkiv, Lugansk and part of Donetsk, but not the town of Avdiivka, which the Russian army took control of the day before after months of tough fighting.

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Of ” numerous violations of international law »

The Telegram channel DeepState, close to the Ukrainian army, also claimed earlier in the day that the Russian army had shot and killed six Ukrainian soldiers, including two wounded, in a position south of Avdiika, probably on Thursday. The Ukrainian authorities have so far not commented on these assertions.

Moscow and kyiv have already repeatedly accused each other of killing prisoners of war since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In March 2023, a video appears to show a captured Ukrainian soldier executed by gunfire after launching “ glory to Ukraine »had gone viral.

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The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights recalled at the time that it had “documented numerous violations of international humanitarian law against prisoners of war, including cases of summary executions of Russian and Ukrainian prisoners of war“.

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