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Kuusamos first win at the championship – Kangasala won straight

Kuusamo, who won the previous two women’s Finnish championships, was strong in their home opener and broke Kangasala’s winning streak in the playoffs.

Aino Paloniemi,

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In the final opening of the Volleyball Women’s Championship League, Kuusamo was rude at home, when it beat LP Kangasala cleanly 3–0.

The people of Kuusamo got a strong start to the final match with a quick opening set that ended with a score of 25–15. In the second set, the visitors led 13–11 and were still within striking distance of Kuusamo’s lead 17–16.

Home team passer Sofia Lehto served with an ace to make it 19–16 and finally the set ended 25–21 for the people of Kuusamo.

The deciding set was again controlled by Kuusamo and ended 25–18. The match ended with Kuusamo’s general player Madeline Palmer to the attack from behind the three-meter line.

The series of final matches continues in Kangasa on Wednesday and Thursday. The fourth final will be played in Kuusamo next Sunday.

– When you look at the whole, the game held together well. There were no long periods of weakness. We had a great start to this final series, said passer Lehto.

With two championships, Nusbaum performed strongly

Kuusamo’s reception, which already won its eighth consecutive victory against LP Kangasala, was not much better than LP Kangasala’s, but Lehto had more options in the attack game than the opponent.

– Both teams pass well, and then it can be difficult for the players in the reception. But I got the balls to the attackers well enough. They deserve the most credit for the victory, Lehto added.

Kuusamo, who won the previous two championships, continued his strong performances in the final match series by Carlyle Nusbaum under. The American general player collected 16 points and was awarded as the best player of the match. At the same time, he is seeking his third championship in the ranks of the Kuusamo people.

Chopper Lexi Pollard and middle player Bettina Yli-Sissala scored 10 points.

The percentage of successful attacks of Kuusamo, who won the regular season, was 43, while LP Kangasala remained at 27 percent.

LP Kangasala’s winning streak was broken

Only from LP Kangasala’s team, which experienced its first loss in the spring 2024 playoffs Delay Pyhäjärvi With 11 points, you reached a double-digit balance.

In the semi-finals, the team won cleanly against LiigaPlok 3–0 and in the semi-finals LP-Vampula 3–0.

Last year Kuusamo knocked LP Kangasala out of the finals in the semifinals with three straight wins. LP Kangasala last won in Kuusamo on April 20, 2022.

In the bronze medal match, Puijo Wolley secured the medals by defeating LP-Vampula 3–1. The second match will be played on Wednesday in Huittinis. If the wins are equal, on Wednesday the medals will be decided in an additional round of 25 rounds.


KUUSAMO – LP KANGASALA 3-0 (25-15, 25-21, 25-18)

Wins 1-0 (4 wins)

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