KuPS’s new head coach is clear, Pasi Tuut’s “young man’s dream” came true – cannot comment on difficulties with Simo Valakari

KuPSs new head coach is clear Pasi Tuuts young mans

Simo Valakari’s departure was announced last Friday. Today, Thursday, KuPS reported on Pasi Tuut’s promotion to head coach with a contract lasting until the end of 2023.

Kuopio Palloseura, which plays in the Men’s Football League, announced today that it has signed a head coach contract lasting until the end of 2023 Pasi Tuut43, with.

Tuutti has worked in KuPS’ coaching group since the 2020 season. He is from Kuopio by birth and went through the KuPS junior track.

For Tuuti, being the head coach in Kuopio is a huge deal, a dream come true.

– Ever since I started this coaching career as a young man, it has been one endpoint.

– The journey has come to the moment that I have gotten what I have dreamed of, when I have set goals for myself about being a coach for the first time. That’s a great thing.

Simo Valakari coached KuPS for two seasons. His departure was announced last Friday. After that, things happened quickly, says Tuutti.

– You can’t talk about things in advance, but after things have been resolved, Tuutti states, referring to Valakari’s departure.

KuPS’ announcement about Valakari’s departure was straightforward and the wording was sharp. Valakari had informed his employer “that he no longer has the passion and ability to coach the KuPS representative team”. KuPS’s coaching team, on the other hand, had lost their trust in Valakar.

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In KuPS’s announcement, a lawyer sitting as a member of KuPS’s board was marked as the provider of additional information Matti Reinikainen. Reinikainen admitted to Urheilu that the trust problems with Valakari started last summer, when he was rumored to be a candidate for the pilot of the Scottish club Motherwell.

This week it was confirmed that Valakari became the head coach of the Latvian FK Auda.

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Pasi Tuutti does not comment on how difficult times KuPS experienced during the fall and winter due to Valakari. Tuutti says that the club has agreed that Reinikainen will comment on that matter.

– It is not part of my authority to comment.

During his playing career, Tuutti played seven Veikkausliiga matches in KuPS. As a coach, he has worked for, among others, Ilves’ juniors and Kuopio’s Pallokitsas women’s league team.

Tuutti worked first at Rovaniemi Palloseura Toni Koskelan as an assistant coach in 2018, when RoPS captured a surprise silver.

In the spring of 2019, a chain reaction started when HJK dismissed Mika Lehkosuo and went to the Koskela Club. This is how Tuutti became the head coach of RoPS.

For the next season, he moved to KuPS, first a Norwegian by Arne Erlandsen as an assistant coach.

Tuutti, as Valakar’s partner, had time to work for two seasons, during which KuPS won the Finnish Cup twice and was twice silver in the Veikkausliiga.

Tuutti says that with Valakar, the team and the way of playing were built together. Therefore, he believes that now there will be only minor changes in KuPS’s way of playing.

– We still want to control the games.

Savon Sanomat by (you switch to another service) KuPS has a Kuopio-born head coach for the first time Kai Nyyssönen and the year 2009.

In Savo Sanomat’s story, Tuut’s former trainees describe him as a boisterous Savoan, approachable, dedicated, unyielding and competitive.

Also a KuPS owner Ari Lahti had to In the KuPS bulletin (you will switch to another service) I brought the selection as a natural continuation and was happy that the club found a head coach from Kuopio.

Tuutti doesn’t talk about more specific goals yet, but mentions that the goal is to bring trophies to Kuopio every season. KuPS continues to map player confirmations for each playing location.

KuPS will start the competitive matches of the winter season on Saturday, January 28. In the league cup as a guest of SJK.