Krista Tervo’s “secret wish” came true in Portugal – the sledgehammer flew to new SE readings

Krista Tervos secret wish came true in Portugal the

Krista Tervo’s new Finnish record is now recorded at 74.40.

19.3. 16: 59 • Updated March 19 17:03

Krista Tervo has thrown a hammer throw at the new Finnish record of 74.40 in Leiria, Portugal. Silja Kososen in the name of an old record improved by almost a meter.

– I had a secret wish that the sledgehammer could fly that far. There was a little disbelief, but that is where it came from in the last throw of the race, when I got under many good throws, Tervo comments on the Finnish Sports Association in the bulletin (you switch to another service).

– In all the competitive throws, a certain kind of relaxation was maintained and the technology remained piled up through the throw. When I was still on a warm day, I really got a lot of power out of it.

Tervo was already expecting tough results from the European Cup of Throws last weekend.

– In training, the throws have gone really well. Maybe those expectations led to the failure of that race, Tervo said.

Tervo improved his own record by almost one and a half meters. The Finn has now broken the result limits for the summer Eugene World Championships and the Munich European Championships.

Tervo says in a press release that it has recently started using resin.

– It’s a really big deal. I have got a better grip on the instrument, and the hammer has remained in his thoughts more relaxed, Tervo rejoiced.

The Finns took a triple victory in the Leiria competition, as Silja Kosonen was second with a result of 69.26 and Kiira Väänänen third with a score of 66.30. Väänänen threw his own record.