Krista Pärmäkoski narrowly dismissed career continuation inquiries – hasn’t given answers about the future even to herself | Sport

Krista Parmakoski narrowly dismissed career continuation inquiries hasnt given

Krista Pärmäkoski fought well in the last race of the Women’s World Cup in Falun, when she finished sixth in the 20 km freestyle skiing combined start race. Pärmäkoski was satisfied with the ranking, but the race left a little to worry about.

– That was a tactical race. Sometimes the pace was maintained and sometimes not. Then when you were on the wrong line or someone skied on top of the pole, you had to go down and you had to catch up again, Pärmäkoski said.

– I almost died on that last sprint climb. I wasn’t able to serve that well.

Pärmäkoski believed that he could have been with the top three if he had managed to ski better tactically. However, he stated that it would not necessarily have changed the ranking.

– If we had come to the finish line as a massacre, that would have been it Jonna (Sundling) and Kepa (Kerttu Niskanen) still included. The ranking could still have been the same, but there was still a bit to be done.

Pärmäkoski finished 21st in the World Cup. The season included failures, but also good successes, such as winning the Salpausselkä World Cup’s 20 km traditional skiing competition.

– Of course, it’s nice to finish in this kind of sunshine, so you’ll be in a good mood. Yesterday’s weather was not uplifting, he laughed.

– It has been a challenging season, but there were still successes and after the difficulties I was able to dig some kind of condition. Maybe it’s kind of sad that the season is ending now, but that’s the way it is.

Rumors have been floating around Pärmäkoski, but the skier himself says that he hasn’t given the matter much thought yet, and he doesn’t have any answers to give others yet. Already in 2008, the prestigious medalist who skied the first World Cup competition has progressed one day and race week at a time and enjoyed the race days of the rest of the season.

You don’t have answers to give to others, but is that answer given to yourself?

– No.

So here’s the summer time and then we’ll see if we’ll see each other in Ruka?

– Exactly, Pärmäkoski said with a smile.

The loss to Sundling upset contractor Niska

The Finnish women’s contribution in Sunday’s competition was good, as in addition to Pärmäkoski’s sixth place, Kerttu Niskanen was fifth and Johanna Matintalo 12:s.

– There was a defeat for Sundling. It would have been so sweet to take the victory again, Niskanen laughed.

– But of course I am satisfied. Still good skiing on that track.

Niskanen thought the Falun track was easy, and he would have liked a fast pace. However, nobody had the desire to pull on the upwind sections, so Niskanen pulled himself sometimes.

Niskanen likes to compete a lot, and this World Cup season he skied almost every individual competition. Only one race was missed due to illness.

– After all, there have been many competitions, but I have endured the competitions well.

Niskanen finished fifth in the overall cup. The goal was naturally among the top three, but despite this, Niskanen was satisfied. Since there were no value races this season, the others also aimed for the World Cup and Tour de Skille.

– On the Tour, I was able to be in the prize positions and I was also many times during the season with prizes. Three more wins for that, so you can’t be disappointed. A good season overall. It doesn’t hurt, even if I don’t win the overall cup.

Matintalo found condition and consistency

On Saturday, Johanna Matintalo took the best standard distance ranking of her career, when she was second in the 10 km traditional race. Now he took his best result in freestyle skiing.

– It’s a sad feeling that the games are over. The condition has gotten better in the spring and here came the best skiing of the season and career. It would be nice to continue, but not sweet on a full stomach. It’s nice to end on this, Matintalo said.

Matintalo changed coaches for this season, when Ville Oksanen replaced Urheilu, also known as an expert Ville Nousiainen. However, Matintalo’s season got off to a rough start when he fell ill with the corona virus just before the Ruka World Cup and was also ill at the turn of the year.

In Matintalo’s opinion, he has also had bad luck, and he hopes that next season he and his coach will be able to build the competition season in a different way.

– The spring results show that we did the right things during the training season. Now that whole has to be made to work during the competition season as well.

The duo’s biggest goal has been to find consistency in what to do, because Matintalo has had individual good skis in the past, but consistency has been lacking, especially on normal trips.

– When I was able to stabilize my health, I feel that I have been able to perform consistently. A good basic level has been found even for normal trips, so we have succeeded in our goal.

Women, 20 km (y) / Joint start

1. Jessie Diggins USA 51.53,0
2. Heidi Weng NOR + 0.9
3. Anne Kjersti Kalvå NOR + 2.2
4. Jonna Sundling SWE + 9.9
5. Kerttu Niskanen FIN + 10.4
6. Krista Pärmäkoski FIN + 13.0
7. Victoria Carl GER + 17.7
8. Astrid Öyre Slind NOR + 28.6
9. Silje Theodorsen’s NOR + 28.7
10. Rosie Brennan USA + 28.8

12. Johanna Matintalo FIN + 29.8
Tiia Olkkonen FIN DNF