Kosovo: the euro, a subject of tension between Belgrade and Pristina

Kosovo the euro a subject of tension between Belgrade and

In recent days, Kosovo has once again been shaken by tensions with its Serbian neighbor. At issue this time: the use of its currency, which is none other than the euro. Louis Seiller.

Four years after the effective release of United Kingdom of the European Union, immigration of EU nationals has fallen significantly. More people left (86,000 net departures between June 2022 and June 2023) than came to the United Kingdom. This is the case for all age groups, including students.. Marie Billon.

In Germany, after two decades of rising birth rates, the number of births has started to fall again over the past two years. A real problem for the most populous country in Europe, with 84.7 million inhabitants, but which is also aging. Germany desperately needs young people to sustain its economic and social model. Delphine Nerbollier.

With the displaced people of Armenia

The re-election of Ilham Alyev as head of Azerbaijan, if not a surprise, is above all symbolic. It allows Baku to assert its sovereignty over territories which were Armenian just a few months ago. Report at Yerevan of Caroline Paré and Victor Uhl, meeting those displaced from last September’s conflict (2023) at the Republican Rehabilitation Center, a center for disabled children. A report to be found in its entirety in Health priority.

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