“Korso’s comet” became the Huhkajie’s hero again – Oliver Antman acknowledged his rejected hit with humor: “Of course it wasn’t over!”

Korsos comet became the Huhkajies hero again Oliver Antman

In an important EC qualifying game, Finland defeated Kazakhstan 1–0 away from home. Oliver Antman became the decider for Huhkaji with his third qualifying goal. The youngster was happy with the win and joked about his disallowed goal.

The Finnish men’s national football team once again showed that they can win even in tough places.

Huuhkajat defeated Kazakhstan 1–0, playing at home in front of a full stadium. Before the match, Kazakhstan shared the top spot in the EC qualifying group with Finland.

With the win, Finland rose to 12 points and again one step closer to the European Championship place. The victory was Finland’s fourth in a row in the qualifiers.

A familiar man became the sole creator and decider of the game. Playing in a blue-and-white shirt in a wild mood Oliver Antman was able to score the game-deciding goal at the end of the second period in style over the Kazakhstan goalkeeper By Igor Shatsky past.

– It required a lot of patience, Antman admitted to Urheilu after the match.

– This was a really tight match, we ended up having a couple of chances during the game. We could have created more of them. In the end, there was one big one that had to be done and luckily it went like this.

You can watch the goal in the video below.

The goal situation in the opening period was acknowledged with humor

‘s studio experts characterize the game as chaos football. The watered-down artificial turf and the carelessness of both teams created a match in which the loss of the ball constantly played a big role.

As a slippery winger, Antman enjoyed the space created by Kazakhstan’s poorly organized defense. However, he did not feel that the home team would have been able to take away space from Finland precisely in his favorite areas, on the wing.

– I don’t think like that. Besides, there was a lot of space between the lines, which helped my own game and the team’s game, Antman answered briskly.

Finland got the ball into Kazakhstan’s goal twice during the match. In addition to Antman’s winning goal in the second period, he also helped the ball reach the goal in the opening period.

The Finnish player dubbed “Korso’s Comet” bounced the ball past the defenders into the goal, but the referee disallowed the goal after the ball crossed the end line earlier.

You can watch the situation in the video below.

Did that ball go over?

– Of course it wasn’t over! That’s how it goes sometimes, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Finland will face Denmark in front of a full Olympic Stadium on Sunday. Antman assured that there was still energy left in Helsinki from the battle-filled game.

– Absolutely ice, of course.

Another player that the Kazakhs had a hard time keeping was Benjamin Källman. From the exchange Teemu Pukin the striker who replaced him was at his best when Finland dominated the game and headed towards Kazakhstan’s goal looking for the opening goal.

In this national team window, decisive players are wanted in the Finnish team from a wide front. Källman ticked the box for one match in that category; freeing up Antman to score.

– At least I hope that I was one of the solvers today! Källman commented after the game ended.

– At least it felt like I was able to come in with a good rhythm, create scoring opportunities and even score a goal.

Källman emphasized that Huuhkaj needed the long-term endurance and patience it expected. Kazakhstan is not an easy place for foreigners.

– I saw that this did not come in the easiest way. We were sure that this game needs a lot of work and just that patience. Sometimes the goal comes early, sometimes it doesn’t come until later.

Finland is already leaving tonight for Helsinki from Astana. The flight takes 11 hours. Källman had a clear recipe for the rest of the evening.

– I’m going to sleep. Let’s hope I get some sleep.

Below is the league table before the Denmark-San Marino and Slovenia-Northern Ireland matches starting on Thursday at 21:45.