Korean Movies to Watch 2021

Korean Movies to Watch 2021

Korea, which has long swept both the Western and Eastern worlds with its music, movies and culture; It looks like it will continue this success for a long time. In the last few weeks on Netflix breaking world records; Squid Game raising its success to a new bar with; Of course, the Korean movie-drama industry isn’t just made up of this drama. been in our lives for a long time. korean moviesI especially appeal to the younger generation. We expect the wind of South Korean movies to blow even more. We know that you, our readers, are also in search of the best Korean movies to watch. For this, in this article best korean movies we will compile.

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Korean Action Movies

1) The Man From Nowhere

Of course, Korean cinema is one of the most popular cinemas today. For this, we wanted the first movie we would recommend to be among the striking Korean action movies. Trying to impress a young man named Tae-sik, So Mi’s mother is involved with drugs. He is killed by mafia members for stealing drugs. So Mi is kidnapped by the organ mafia. Also, even if you were in jail once, Tae-sik; He embarks on a journey to save So Mi, who was kidnapped by the organ mafia. By the way, besides being the highest-grossing film in South Korea in 2010; It was also released in Canada and the United States on October 1, 2010.

2) Train To Busan

Our main character, Sok-Woo, who constantly neglects his daughter due to his busy work schedule; Due to her daughter’s insistence on her birthday, she takes the train to Busan to drop her off. Meanwhile, as the train is about to leave, a zombie virus that affects Korea appears in a woman on the train. The cause of the virus, which started to spread slowly to the people on the train because of the woman, cannot be determined. Film; It is about the survival of the main character, the girl and many other passengers on the train.

3) Psychokinesis


Seok-hun, who works as a security guard at a bank; He gains superpowers after drinking the spring water affected by a meteor. He is now a superhero. Although he cannot control his power at first, he learns how to use it after a while. Meanwhile, Roo-mi, Seok-hun’s absent-minded daughter for a while, has a problem. A construction company controlled by the mafia where he lives poses a danger to Roo-mi and the residents of the neighborhood. Also, Seok-hun uses his superpowers to protect his daughter.

4) The Gangster, The Cop and the Devil

the gangster

Next on our list of must-watch korean movies is The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil. As a matter of fact, he had to cooperate with the police to catch the culprits of the murder he witnessed; It tells the story of a mafia boss. In addition, a mafia boss who commits organized crimes, to catch a serial killer; He has to cooperate with the police. The serial killer killed his victims so carefully that; There was no other witness other than the mafia boss. In this case, the mafia boss needs to work more closely with the police.

5) I Saw the Devil

Another Korean movie is I Saw the Devil. Kyung-chul doesn’t hesitate to kill people just for personal satisfaction; psychopath is a serial killer. It is so brutal and ruthless that it can kill anyone indiscriminately, including women, children and the elderly, and as such, it has become even more difficult for the police, the next step of which is an unpredictable target. But when he kidnaps Joo-yeon, the daughter of a retired commissioner, Kyung-chul draws all the grudge against himself. Dae-hoon, a talented secret agent, is the fiancee of the young woman who was brutally murdered. As a matter of fact, the brutal murder of the woman he loves will move Dae-hoon alone against this brutal serial killer… He is ready to turn into a monster himself to thwart the monster.

The latest film of South Korean filmmaker Ji-woon Kim, the director of the Thriller-Horror-Action Korean film Dark Secrets, is a production that has almost come to the point of being banned in Korea due to age restrictions. Meanwhile, a revenge movie that follows the cat-and-mouse game between a psychopath who kills for pleasure and a secret agent is a Far Eastern thriller that received thumbs up from critics and audiences abroad. One of the most ambitious movies on our list of the best korean movies.

Korean Drama Movies

1) Parasite

Let’s continue our list with Korean drama movies. Meet the Park Family: a classic painting of hereditary wealth. The Kim Family, on the other hand, is rich in street intelligence but has no other wealth. Whether by chance or fate, these two households somehow come together and the Kim family immediately senses the presence of a golden opportunity. Raised in manipulation by college-aged Ki-woo, the Kim children quickly place themselves among the Park family with their roles as teacher and art therapist. Meanwhile, the Kims provide “indispensable” luxury services, while the Parks unknowingly lose everything in their house to the Kim family. However, this order soon encounters a threat. When a parasitic guest threatens the Kim family’s newfound comfort, a brutal and compelling struggle for supremacy erupts. This struggle threatens to destroy the fragile ecosystem between the Kim and Park families… Parasite is one of the most loved Korean movies.

2) Oasis

It’s time for Oasis, a movie that we can show among old Korean movies. Meanwhile, Jong-du is a young man who has always been ostracized by his family and society due to behavioral disorders. Years ago, he was imprisoned for causing the death of a man as a result of an accident he had unconsciously made. After completing his sentence and going out, he goes to visit the house of the man he killed with a guilty conscience, and he encounters an unexpected sight. The man he killed has a crippled and paralyzed sister. Jong-du rapes the girl as a victim of his uncontrollable passions. Meanwhile, despite the violence she has been subjected to, the girl feels the satisfaction of being desired by a man for the first time. She will follow the path of this man who makes her feel like a woman for the first time, and an emotional love will begin between these two young people, both of whom are excluded from society. But are the outsiders who make up the society willing to accept such a love?

3) Mother

We continue our Korean movie recommendations with Mother. As a matter of fact, Ana, the new work of the Korean creator of the monster movie Alien, which broke records all over the world, is an emotional story about mother’s love as well as being a unique murder movie. Kim Hye-ja plays the overprotective mother whose name we never learned. When her shy, silent and mentally retarded twenty-seven-year-old son is accused of murder and imprisoned, the woman pursues the real killer. However, as the secrets of the townspeople are revealed, it becomes clear that no one is innocent. This Korean Oscar-nominated melodrama showcases what a woman can do to protect her child.

4) Altruistic Girl

It is impossible not to mention Korean movie recommendations and not to mention Altruistic Girl. Jae Young is an amateur prostitute who sleeps with men, and his best girlfriend Yeo-Jin manages his affairs, finds a man, takes the money, when Jae-Young falls in love with one of these men, he suppresses his feelings by wanting to hide it from his extremely jealous friend. And one day something happens. Trying to escape the police raid, Jae Young jumps out of the window and is seriously injured. Meanwhile, he dies in the hospital not long after. Thereupon, Yeo-Jin takes her place and starts dating men. Then, when the detective father finds out what kind of business his daughter is in, he will take revenge on all those men under the name of the customer.

Korean Horror Movies

1) The Divine Fury

The first example we can give as Korean horror movies is The Divine Fury. The movie revolves around a young man (Park Seo-Joon) who has a mental breakdown after losing his father at a young age. One day, she meets a priest (Ahn Sung-Ki) who exorcises the evil spirits that have taken over people. He finds himself fighting against demonic forces.

2) Rampant

The movie revolves around Prince Lee Chung (Hyun-Bin) of the Joseon Dynasty, who is held hostage by the Qing Dynasty. As a matter of fact, Prince Lee Chung likes to gamble and drink with women. However, despite all this, he is a good swordsman. Returning to his country after 10 years in the Qing Dynasty, Prince Lee Chung soon finds himself face to face with zombies that only appear at night.

3) The Piper

After the Korean War, a father (Ryu Seung Ryong) and his son arrive at a mountain village outside the city. They start to stay there. Strange and mysterious events are circulating among the residents and visitors of the village regarding the village headman (Lee Sung Min).

4) Acacia

Dr. When Kim Do-il and his wife try to have a child but fail, the Doctor, with his father’s support, persuades his wife to adopt. Mi-sook is fond of art, so she chooses a six-year-old boy named Kim Jin-sung who likes to draw pictures of trees. The boy gets close to their neighbor, eight-year-old Min-jee. In fact, he is very impressed by the Acacia tree in their garden. When Mi-sook unexpectedly becomes pregnant one day, her mother asks her if she would like to give back their adopted child. When the baby is born, Min-sook begins to be very unkind to Jin-sung, who believes the Acacia tree is his birth mother. Jin-sung disappears on a rainy night. In the days that follow, the family begins to go berserk as they uncover the truth about Jin-sung. The feeling of guilt is waiting to collapse in its most dominant form.

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Romantic Korean Movies

1) My Sassy Girl

It is also possible to find romantic Korean movies in the Korean movie market. Kyun-woo is returning home on an ordinary afternoon, when he encounters a beautiful girl on the subway. However, the girl is very drunk and cannot even balance herself. Kyun-woo saves the girl from falling on the train tracks and helps her get on the train. The other residents of the train think they are lovers because of their sincere poses. This misunderstanding will change many things in the life of the couple.

2) In The Mood For Love

Love Time, which is among the most beautiful Korean films, is about the bond formed between a married woman who is a neighbor and a married man. Hong Kong lives in the early 1960s. Chau is the editor-in-chief of a local newspaper. He and his wife move into an apartment building where mostly Shanghainese live their lives. One day, Chau runs into his next-door neighbor, Li-Chun. They both carry goods independently of their spouses. The duo, who start to get closer to each other day by day, will face a strange reality after a while. This is the fact that their spouses are also together. Now there is an environment where they can reconsider themselves and their relationships.

Best Korean Movies

1) Memories of Murder

The movie, which was translated as Murder Diary in Turkey, was directed by Bong Joon Ho. The movie that brings a true story to the screen; It is about a series of murders committed in South Korea between 1986 and 1991. Song Kang-Ho and Kim Sang-kyung, two of the biggest actors of South Korean cinema, share the lead roles in the movie.

2nd) Sympathy for Lady Vengeanca

The movie is known as the Angel of Revenge in Turkey. The drama and crime genre movie is due to a crime he didn’t commit; It tells the story of a woman who spent 13.5 years in prison. To avenge the woman named Lee Geum-ja in the movie; one of the most successful crime films of South Korean cinema.

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