Koran burner Salwan Momika leaves Sweden

– I’m on my way to Norway. Sweden only accepts terrorists who are granted asylum and given protection, while philosophers and thinkers are deported, he says.

In October, it was announced that his temporary residence permit would be revoked by the Swedish Migration Agency, as he was deemed to have provided incorrect information in his application. In connection with the deportation decision, Momika was granted a new temporary residence permit that extends until April 16, as he cannot be deported to his home country due to the threat situation there.

The Migration Court of Appeal does not take up the case

The Migration Agency’s revocation was appealed by Momika to the Migration Court, which ruled in favor of the Migration Agency.

On Wednesday, the Migration Court announced that it would not take up the case.

“The decision of the Migration Court of Appeal not to grant leave to appeal means that the Migration Agency’s decision to deport Salwan Momika has legal effect,” says Peder Liljeqvist, appellate court lawyer, in a press release.

Attracted attention with several Koran burnings

The 37-year-old Iraqi has in recent years been behind a large number of Koran burnings around Sweden. Several of them have led to riots and unrest. Films from the actions have also spread around the world and aroused anger and criticism in several Muslim countries.

Koran burnings, carried out by several different people, have also contributed to an increased terrorist threat in Sweden.

Salwan Momika is still being investigated for incitement against ethnic groups in Sweden after several of the Koran burnings. Koran-burner Salwan Najem is also suspected in the same investigation.

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Koran burnings have led to protests in many Muslim countries. See the summary in the video. Photo: Stefan Jerrevång / Fredrik Sandberg / Ahmad AL-Rubaye / AFP /TT