Kishti Tomita is forced to leave the “Idol” jury – now TV4 explains why

Kishti Tomita is forced to leave the Idol jury

— They have made a creative decision to redo the jury. But it is their decision, and it must be up to them, she tells the newspaper.

Tomita was on the original “Idol” jury, but left after a few seasons. In 2017, she was back and has since judged singing aspirants – until now. She says that the channel wants to find a new direction for this year’s edition, which will be the program’s 20th anniversary.

— They probably want to find a new way for “Idol”, but I can’t say what their thoughts are. But what they have let me understand is that they want to find a new creative path, she says.

Not everyone on the jury seems to be leaving. Anders Bagge confirms for TV4’s website that he, at least, stays.

“Kishti has become an extremely good friend of mine, and of course I think it feels empty,” he says.

TV4 about the reason why Kishti is allowed to leave

Now TV4 has commented on why they do not want to let Kishti remain on the Idol jury.

“First of all, we want to thank Kishti for eleven fantastic years in the Idol jury. Idol is constantly working to change and innovate, and this year’s season is no exception. Idol has its 20th anniversary this year and we look forward to presenting the season’s news later on,” writer Malin Knave, executive producer for Idol, in another email TV4 News.