Kiruna denies Talga – refuses mines until the state gives back

The decision to deny Talga’s detailed plan means that the issue is passed to the government.

– The majority has decided to say no, says municipal councilor Mats Taaveniku (S), after the municipal board’s working committee has finished its meeting.

The hunt for the minerals

  • Kiruna’s municipal councilor surprised by Talga’s actions

  • Talga wants to run over the municipality – goes to the government about the mine in Vittangi

  • One of the reasons is that Talga AB has gone ahead of the political process and gone to the government before Kiruna municipality has had to make the political decisions. From Talga, it is an attempt to speed up the planning order.

    May be overrun by the government

    That the government decides on the matter could mean that the government runs over Kiruna municipality.

    – They can do that, but it will be interesting to see in which steps they intend to do it, says Mats Taaveniku.

    Talga: “Unnecessary delays”

    Per-Erik Lindvall, chairman of the board of Talga AB, believes that they have respected the political process and does not agree with Kiruna municipality.

    – When there are unnecessary delays, the applicant has the option of going to the government, says Per-Erik Lindvall.

    In the clip, you can hear the councilor talk about their most important marking.

    This is what the mining plans look like in Vittangi

    In the clip below, you can hear Talga’s Per-Erik Lindvall talk about the plans for the graphite mine in Vittangi.

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    “Followed the political path” – hears Per-Erik Lindvall on Talga about the plans for the graphite mine. Photo: Filip Hannu/SVT