Kirittäret, which survived the storms, surprised with its championship – the players’ tenacity and mental edge culminated in a gold bath of the season

Kirittaret which survived the storms surprised with its championship

Looking at all the events, the Jyväskylä Kirittäri’s performance was amazing, writes Urheilu’s editor Simo Arkko.

Jyväskylä’s Kirittäret celebrated the Finnish championship on their home field on Sunday, when they beat Manse PP with a 3–1 match victory.

In the end, Kirittäret was overwhelming. The away game was the series’ top scorer Mari Mantsinen brilliant under the leadership. The players from Jyväskylä also took their inside game up a notch and took the runs scored in the end with a score of 34–22.

Kirittäret has dominated the series for many years. Already the fifth championship in the last seven years speaks of a strong culture of winning. There hasn’t been a stop for Kirittari very often.

However, this season has included several twists and turns, which also end the career of the conkers Emma Körkkö and Susanne Ojaniemi pointed in the middle of the championship hype.

It all started already in the winter, when the leader of the second game Petri Kaijansinkko admitted with media coverage in December that he was guilty of sexual harassment in 2014 and stepped down from his duties.

Based on the investigation by the Finnish Sports Ethics Center, Kaijansinko’s activities were also investigated in 2009–11 in Pori and in 2017 in Jyväskylä. In the investigation, Pori’s case was found to be outdated, but in other cases, according to the report, Kaijansinkko acted in an unsportsmanlike manner.

The uproar that shook the club and baseball circles was over, which inevitably affected the team’s preparation as well.

Another round of difficulty came in July, when the game director icon Jussi “Nalle” Viljanen had to leave his position due to health reasons.

Thus, the team’s second game leader Mattias Kitola jumped into Jyväskylä’s game director. Kitola got help from the leader of the second game Katja from Saari and from another legend, From Riitta Holapa.

Emma Körkön according to the duo helped the team not only with knowledge of the game but also on the mental side.

In the regular season, the game of Kirittäri traveled against the teams at the tail end of the series. However, the team could not be counted out of the championship fight at any point, because it did well in the meetings with the top teams.

Considering everything, the performance of the players on the field was amazing. The tenacious players showed extreme mental strength. They could handle the hardships and were better in the end.

According to Ojaniemi, the team has openly dealt with all kinds of emotions, which helped to move forward in difficult moments. He said there was something special about the team that he hadn’t experienced before.

On the other hand, this also reflects the club’s long-established culture of winning. When you combined that with top players and openness, all of this was possible.

This championship is one of Kirittäri’s greatest achievements.

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