Kindergarten schoolbags: the best bags for the little ones

Kindergarten schoolbags the best bags for the little ones

Which school bag to choose for your child in kindergarten? Vintage, personalized, original, trendy… there’s something for everyone! Our selection for toddlers.

Do you need a school bag in kindergarten ? Symbol par excellence of the start of the school year, a very cute satchel can help the little ones to tame their next arrival in “the big school”! And even if the medium or large sections of kindergarten do not ask the pupils to have their own equipment either, everyone has little things to bring. The famous comforter for the nap, a spare set in case of a small accidenta hat in winter, a snack to go to the park after the end of lessons… For kindergarten first of all, it is not necessary to have a big bag. A small satchel or a small backpack is more than enough. Parents can opt for a model between 20 and 35 cm wide, the ideal dimensions for our small sizes. It is also important to think about several things. Thus, it is imperative that the straps are adjustable so that the bag is well adjusted on the back. Then, you have to think about the closure: a good quality zip, velcro, a drawstring… anything that is easy to handle for little independent hands. When choosing, also remember to check if the satchel is waterproof and if there are pockets for small treasures. Finally, quality is essential: most of the time, students keep the same school bag for all their years of kindergarten, because the needs remain the same and it is more economical not to change them every year. However, if you need to buy another one, for kindergarten students, remember to take a slightly larger binder, with several compartments, which can be used the following year, when returning to CP. So here is our selection of kindergarten schoolbags to shop!