Kindergarten activities: 10 ideas to do with the little ones!

Kindergarten activities 10 ideas to do with the little ones

What can we do with toddlers to occupy them in a fun way? Here is a small list of activities that we can offer them from 3 years old:

1 – Puzzles

If the boxes of 200 pieces are not for immediately, there is nevertheless a whole panoply of puzzles accessible from 3 years old. A simple activity and yet highly popular with children ! Especially since it is the occasion of a shared moment. We can opt for a animal theme, beach, princesses or choose a puzzle bearing the likeness of one of their favorite characters. To do, undo and redo at will!

2 – Pearls

Learn to string beads is an activity that is generally also very popular with children aged 3 to 6. We choose them big enough to avoid any risk that he puts them in the mouth, of different shapes and colors. The threading of beads also allows the child to work on his concentration and fine motor skills. To sharpen your creative talent too! At the end, he will be able to parade at home with his creation around his neck!

3 – salt dough

Among the flagship activities carried out in kindergarten, there is of course the salt dough ! Confections of hearts, letters of the alphabet, animals, there are endless possibilities for creations. In terms of use, it’s roughly the same principle as plasticine, except that it is passed in the oven to harden the shapes, then all you have to do is paint them to give them color! The good idea to make the pleasure of a shared activity last? Get them their hands dirty and make the switch to some savings by making the salt dough together ourselves rather than buying it already made. And for good reason, the salt dough recipe could not be simpler:

  • 2 glasses of flour
  • 1 glass of salt
  • 1 glass of lukewarm water

And a bowl to mix it all in.

4- The kitchen

It’s well known, kids love to cook. The opportunity for a delicious family moment that will end with a good tasting. Cooking allows them, in passing, to work on their precision, their concentration, to knead, mix, dose, discover the names of utensils, foods … and the icing on the cake, then devour their delicious meals!

5 – Plasticine

Plasticine gives children the opportunity to create all kinds of shapes while having fun from malleable textures available in different colors. This activity promotes the imagination and motor skills (it crushes, crumbles, kneads the dough) of your little one. If you’re not sure what to do with animals or plasticine characters, here are a few ideas from Hugo the Snail:

6 – The stickers

These little sticky shapes that kids can easily stick onto a sheet of paper are perfect for occupying 3-6 years. And given the multitude of variations that exist (glitter stickers, in the shape of hearts, unicorns, rainbow, alphabet, flowers, etc.) they are not ready to tire. Behind the playful aspect of the stickers, they require application (to stick them without tearing them), if possible in a harmonious way. Indeed, why not use the stickers to form a drawing?

7 – painting

Our little budding Picassos love to do of the painting ! That’s good, it’s also excellent for their psychomotor development and their creativity. At this age, we prefer water-washable paint and large brushes. You can even opt for rollers or finger paint. Finally, of course, we do not forget the plastic apron and placemat to limit the damage. To let children express themselves freely, we can offer them a painting workshop with the traces of his hands, but it is also possible to paint easily, with a few simple tips, such as sponge painting for example. Here are some pretty canvas ideas to inspire you;

8 – A giant fresco

It is (unfortunately) well known, toddlers have the annoying tendency to draw on the walls. What if for once we allowed them? But preferably without damaging our walls. For that, nothing could be simpler, we invest in a large sheet of A3 paper, see several that you glue (with fixed paste) to each other depending on the size of the wall you have. Then we give it colored pencils and our artist to play. You can also leave his work hanging so that he can add some daily touches!

9 – Cutting

Besides giving him great happiness, cut with scissors suitable for his age will allow your little schoolboy to work on his precision, his dexterity and his hand muscles. For the little ones, we start by having them cut out large, simple shapes (square, round) that we can then glue to form a drawing. For the taller and more skilful, we can consider having them cut smaller or / and more elaborate shapes such as figurines, hearts, etc.

10 – The memory

Playing board games with children under the age of 6 is not always easy. The rules are often too complex or it is necessary to know how to read or count. Except for Memory. The principle is simple and very popular with toddlers: Spread the cards face down on a flat surface and draw two each turn. The goal? Find the pairs. A fun activity that appeals to concentration and memory. You will certainly be surprised to discover that your little blond head has a great memory!