Killed woman with knife and hammer – verdict today

Killed woman with knife and hammer verdict today

Published: Less than 40 min ago

full screen Police technician on site at the crime scene in Upplands-Bro on April 7 this year. Archive image. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

The woman assaulted and killed her former colleague with a knife and a hammer blow. Now the sentence falls in what she herself described as a “revenge action”.

It was on April 7 this year that the 44-year-old woman called 112 and breathlessly told them that she had stabbed her friend in Upplands-Bro outside Stockholm.

The friend, a former colleague of many years, was so badly injured by the assault that she died.

The origin of what the 44-year-old described during the emergency call and in questioning as an “action of revenge”, was that she suspected that the friend tried to take over her position at work. But that this was the case has been denied by people close to the women.

Several people stated during the course of the investigation that the victim must have felt worried about the 44-year-old’s actions before the attack.

In July, the woman was charged at the Attunda district court with murder, after she “deliberately took” the other woman’s life by hammering and stabbing her in the upper body, according to the prosecutor.

The woman has admitted serious assault and causing the death of another, but denied that she had the intention to kill.

The district court will announce the verdict in the case on Friday at 11 a.m.