Kill Devastators – This is how you eliminate the opponents

In Helldivers 2 there is again a daily command that you can complete for medals. This time you have to go into battle against the robots and eliminate ravagers. We’ll show you the simplest methods on how to turn them off effectively.

Devastators are heavily armored robots equipped with either normal weapons, a rocket launcher or shield, and a gun. They are deadly enemies and can cause serious damage to your squad in large numbers.

Helldivers 2 offers new commands every day in which you can earn medals. For example, a mission could be to eliminate Ravagers. We’ll show you tips on how to do this most effectively.

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Killing Ravagers Effectively in Helldivers 2

This is how you find the Devastators: The Devastators can only be found in the red sectors of the robots, where players can currently earn a lot of XP. They are either dropped from faction dropships or manufactured in factories at each robot outpost.

Please note that the Devastators are heavily armored enemies and can only spawn from the “Medium” difficulty level.

This is how you kill the ravagers: To kill the ravagers, you can use two options:

  • You shoot them in the face and destroy their heads
  • You blow their limbs off with grenades or rocket launchers
  • If you aim primarily at the legs, they will fall over and die
  • Since the Ravagers are heavily armored, it’s best to equip weapons with the Armor Penetration weapon trait.

    This is what the ravagers look like

    The SG-225-Breaker shotgun and the Railgun tactical equipment are ideal for penetrating armor and sifting through robots.

    But the precision rifle “R-63-Diligence” or the tactical equipment: anti-matter rifle, disposable anti-tank rifle, recoilless rifle or automatic cannon can also deal with your opponents.

    What can I do if I’m playing alone and don’t have everything unlocked? Even without the best equipment, the devastators can be taken down. Use grenades, your orbital strike and your Liberator in first-person mode. This way you can aim better at the heads and be sure that the robots fall over before they reach you.

    So if you want to complete the order quickly and don’t want to be overrun by opponents, we advise you to choose difficulty 3. This can also be tackled solo if the servers and matchmaking still do not work as intended by the developers.