Kids Return, the eternal melody

Kids Return the eternal melody

Duo heir to the French Touch, Adrien Rozé and Clément Savoye form the duo Kids Return. A group name borrowed from the eponymous film by Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano. They present today their first album Forever Melodies », a subtly refined music with nostalgic and airy touches, between Air, MGMT, or even Sébastien Tellier and the music of Vladimir Cosma, Joe Hisaishi and Michel Legrand.

Today, a light and nostalgic wind blows in the show. A wind straight from the 90s, a musical breeze that rocked our two guests Adrien Rozé and Clément Savoye. A sound that escaped from their schoolboy mp3 player to swell our current playlists.

Like many kids of their generation, they surely dreamed of forming their own group. Ten years later, it’s done.

Forever Melodies their first album has just been released and tells in 10 tracks, their story of friendship, their love of cinema from Takeshi Kitano to Vladimir Cosma and pop rhythms that get stuck in their heads.

Kids Return are guests of VMDN.

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