Kevin Costner wants to return after all, but it may already be too late

One of the most popular US series of recent years is coming to an involuntary end this year. The western drama Yellowstone plunged into crisis last year when an argument with lead actor Kevin Costner escalated. The result: The series ends prematurely with the next episodes and the central protagonist John Dutton is no longer there.

For Yellowstone fans, the creative collapse of the story surrounding John Dutton’s family is a bitter setback. But now there is surprisingly hope, because… Kevin Costner is ready to put on his cowboy hat once again. But we shouldn’t rejoice too soon.

Kevin Costner wants to return for the Yellowstone finale, but the decision isn’t his

Recently, Hollywood insider Matthew Belloni published a detailed report on the current events behind the scenes in the Yellowstone universe at Puck. In addition to information about troubled salary negotiations and Matthew McConaughey’s shaky participation in the sequel series in 2024, there is also news about Kevin Costner.

Watch the trailer for the Kevin Costner series Yellowstone here:

Yellowstone – S01 Trailer (German) HD

According to the report, Kevin Costner asked to return for the final Yellowstone episodes, to be able to complete his character’s story. However, there is a problem: Series creator Taylor Sheridan is said to be very happy with the current plan for the series ending. And that doesn’t foresee the return of John Dutton.

It is currently unknown whether Taylor Sheridan has accepted Kevin Costner’s offer. They don’t have much time left to finally resolve their dispute and hopefully bring the John Dutton era to a close together. Because that Filming for Season 5 Part 2 is scheduled to begin in spring or summer take place this year.

When is the finale of Yellowstone?

According to Paramount, the final episodes of Yellowstone will be released in… November 2024 get started. Exactly how many there will be is currently unknown. The previous plan called for six final episodes, which would bring Season 5 to a total of 14 episodes.

You can now stream the first three seasons of Yellowstone on Netflix. If you want to continue watching straight away, you can stream seasons 4 and 5 (part 1) on Paramount+ or Magenta TV.

More news about Yellowstone:

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