Kevin Costner plays a cold-blooded killer using the memories of a dead CIA agent

The otherwise so likeable Kevin Costner acts in The Jerico Project – In the Killer’s Head criminal anti-heroes. Ariel Vromen directed the action-packed thriller, which contains light sci-fi elements. The star-studded film was not released in cinemas here, but was released in 2016 released directly for home cinema. Today The Jerico Project is on TV.

That’s what the action thriller The Jerico Project is about

Ryan Reynolds plays a CIA agent on a… Mission killed becomes. In order not to lose the knowledge he has acquired, his superior (Gary Oldman) arranges for a critical operation. The renowned neuro-scientist (Tommy Lee Jones) implants the memories and abilities of the deceased in Jerico Stewart’s (Kevin Costner) brain.

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Kevin Costner in The Jerico Project

But they didn’t make the best choice because Jerico is a dangerous criminal, whose unpredictability becomes a major problem. Furthermore, the CIA does not want to be the only party to access the implanted knowledge. Also the Contract killer Hagbardaka Heimbahl (Jordi Mollà) tries to solve the secret.

Despite bad reviews, Kevin Costner is convincing

The Jerico project provided one after a 16-year break Reunion of the two screenwriters David Weisberg and Douglas Cook, who wrote, among other things, The Rock (1996) and Double Murder (1999). The actor trio Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman, who appeared together in front of the camera in JFK – Tatort Dallas in 1991, had an even longer break. After 24 years They met together again on set for the first time.

The film only received a rating of 1 on Rotten Tomatoes 29 percent among the critics and 47 percent of the audience. Christopher Diekhaus complains in his review on Kino-Zeit that the “mediocre ripper“wouldn’t go beyond the genre average. However, he praises it successful action scenes and Costner’s performance.

Hollywood star Kevin Costner delivers a decent performance in an unusually brutal role and gives the cold-hearted killer who only changes slowly refreshingly unpredictable aura.
When is The Jerico Project on TV?

The action thriller airs today, on February 9th, at 10:25 p.m. on 3sat. Unfortunately there is no repeat, but alternatively you can stream The Jerico Project – In the Killer’s Head on Netflix or buy it on Amazon.

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