Kerttu Niskanen was surprised, but Frida Karlsson presented a completely different view – the coach revealed a common agreement in the top fight

Kerttu Niskanen was surprised but Frida Karlsson presented a completely

Kerttu Niskanen didn’t like that he had to work too much. According to Frida Karlsson, she, Niskas and the winner of the competition showed fantastic game moves in the competition.

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Kerttu Niskanen finished third on Saturday in the 15-kilometer joint start race at the Tour de Ski in Val di Fiemme. Niskanen fled Germany together by Katharina Hennig and Sweden Frida Karlsson with others.

However, Niskanen finished third in the final stretch. Hennig took the first victory of his career in the World Cup. Karlsson, leading the Tour de Ski, was second.

Niskanen surprised Yelle with the actions of Karlsson and Hennig, because he had to do a lot of work while leading the top three.

– I was a little afraid that there wouldn’t be any bettors. I wonder why Katharina and Frida didn’t go to lead the group. We would have tried to alternately pull and make more difference. It felt like all the work was left on my shoulders, Niskanen said.

Frida Karlsson’s personal trainer and German national team coach Per Nilsson in turn, glowered at his protégés. According to Nilsson, Hennig, Karlsson and Niskanen had discussed common tactics before the race. The trio had made a joint agreement to run away from the others.

– When it’s the end of the Tour, it doesn’t hurt to help each other. There won’t be too many accelerations and stops. It helped the top three, so that was good, Nilsson stated to Aftonbladet. (you switch to another service)

– Frida skied a good race tactically, even though she faded a little. However, he was fantastic at the end with his placement.

According to Karlsson, he, Hennig and Niskanen wanted to keep the pace in the race.

– It was a winning move when we were all on the podium. In races like this, it’s hard to break away, but we were still able to make it back, Karlsson said.

Niskanen told Urheilu that he skied with the overall race in mind. If he wanted to win, the Finn would have settled for another tactic.

– I just tried to think about the overall tour today. I would be able to separate myself from those who are fighting for the same places with me, Niskanen stated.

Norwegian twin sisters Tiril Udnes Weng and Lotta Udnes Weng were at least on the losing side. Lotta Udnes Weng fell to sixth place. Tiril Udnes Weng continues in second place, but the gap with Frida Karlsson increased to 1 minute and 12 seconds. Kerttu Niskanen looms before the ascent of Alpe Cermis only 25 seconds away.

According to his own words, Tiril Udnes Weng is no longer fighting for the podium place against Niska and his partners. According to the Norwegian star, Karlsson is already too far.

– The difference will only grow tomorrow, Tiril Udnes Weng stated to Aftonbladet (you will switch to another service).


1. Frida Karlsson SWE 2.31.16
2. Tiril Udnes Weng NOR + 1.12
3. Kerttu Niskanen FIN + 1.37
4. Katharina Hennig GER + 2.00
5. Rosie Brennan USA + 2.28
6. Lotta Udnes Weng NOR + 2.37
7. Astrid Öyre Slind NOR + 3.03
8. Heidi Weng NOR + 3.47
9. Teresa Stadlober AUT + 3.51
10. Silje Theodorsen NOR + 4.57

14. Anne Kyllönen FIN + 5.14

The Tour de Ski culminates on Sunday with the ascent of Alpe Cermis. The women’s competition will be shown live on TV2 and Areena from 11:55. The men’s competition starts at 1:40 p.m.