Kerttu Niskanen came second in the Tour de Ski in a thrilling performance – Frida Karlsson, who won the Tour, was horrified at the finish line

Who is the fastest Finn on the final climb of

Kerttu Niskanen was fourth in the last stage and came second in the overall race. Frida Karlsson, who collapsed at the finish line, has been able to talk to the medical staff.

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Kerttu Niskanen finished fourth in the final stage of the Tour de Ski and at the same time won Norway Tiril Udnes Wengin finished second in the overall race. Niskanen was more than half a minute faster than Weng in the final stage, which was enough.

Tiril Udnes Weng followed Niska for a long time, but slipped on the ascent of Alpe Cermis.

Sweden started hard Frida Karlsson froze badly at the end, but he still won the overall race. Kalrsson, who skied the climb of Alpe Cermis for the first time in his career, fainted after reaching the finish line and lay on the ground for a long time.

Karlsson started the final climb in first place, but after a while he started to freeze and at the same time also Kerttu Niskanen Missed it. At the end of the stretch, Karlsson grabbed more and one minute and 40 seconds for France, who won the race Delphine to Claude.

Urheilu Laura Arffman said from the spot that the Swedish skier had to be given supplemental oxygen. He was cared for by several members of the medical staff.

However, there was some relieving information about Karlsson’s situation. Press manager of the Swedish cross country team Astri Lindbäckin according to Karlsson has been taken inside to warm up. SVT’s (you switch to another service) according to Karlsson warmed himself with blueberry soup.

– He talks to the doctor and the physiotherapist, Lindbäck says According to Expressen (you switch to another service).

Head coach of the Finnish women’s cross country team Jussi Piirainen didn’t know more about Karlsson’s situation.

– Our doctor Janne Pesonen went to ask the Swedes if they needed help. However, the situation seemed to be such that no more helping hands were needed there.

– I must have run out of energy completely. Frida has had total breakdowns before.

Karlsson became the second Swedish skier to win the Tour de Ski. Charlotte Kalla won the second Tour de Ski in history in the 2007-2008 season.

After Claudel, the second of the stage was usually the Norwegian who skied well up Alpe Cermis Heidi Weng before the US Sophia Lauklia.

Niskanen reached the top three in the Tour de Ski for the first time in his career. Among the Finnish women on the Tour, they have also reached the top three Virpi Sarasvuo, Aino-Kaisa Saarinen mixed Krista Pärmäkoski. Sarasvuo has won the overall competition twice.

Tour de Ski 2022–2023

1. Frida Karlsson SWE 2.31.16
2. Kerttu Niskanen FIN + 0.33
3. Tiril Udnes Weng NOR + 0.47
4. Rosie Brennan USA + 1.42
5. Katharina Hennig GER + 2.13
19. Anne Kyllönen FIN + 6.17

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