Kerstin reveals the requirements for her dream man: “Good at kissing”

Kerstin reveals the requirements for her dream man Good at

Kerstin Stålhammar, 86, is one of the strongest characters in Hotel romance’s second season. In the program, Kerstin says that she wants a man who stays fit, and many people wonder – what other requirements does she have for a potential partner?

News24 has spoken to Kerstin, who reveals what her dream man should look like.

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Kerstin tells Nyheter24 that it was a longing for love that made her apply to Hotel Romantik. She had been alone for six years, and felt that an important piece of the puzzle was missing in her life.

– I was very curious about the old men there, but I am a very active person so I was also looking forward to the experience, says Kerstin.

And Kerstin can’t complain about the experience. The week was packed with activities – there was simply no time to be bored.

– I like that sort of thing. Paintball and the beach party were the very best, I think. Everyone had different music in their headphones and matching clothes. I went completely crazy, says Kerstin.

She thinks Hotell romantik has a fantastic set-up, but not all the men were to her liking during the filming.

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Kerstin, Anneli and Thomas during the beach party. Photo: Screen image/SVT. “Warm hands and be good at kissing”

Kerstin knows exactly what she is looking for in a man. He should be interested in training, just like her, and preferably be adventurous enough to want to accompany her on training trips. She herself travels at least six times a year, and the trips often include a lot of activity and play.

– I had wanted to take someone with me on a training trip, but I didn’t think they were as willing to train as I was. They had round bellies. It’s uninteresting when the stomach sticks out like that, I think, says Kerstin.

The dream man should also have dark eyebrows and white teeth. Then it wouldn’t have hurt if he was good at kissing.

– He must be good at kissing. Not all guys are good at it. It shouldn’t be gooey, says Kerstin.

Kerstin loves to dance, and she would love to do that with a future husband, but there is one thing she longs for the most, namely the closeness that comes with love.

– I want a man with warm hands who can hold me. Imagine cuddling in bed, who doesn’t want that?

Kerstin wants a man who likes to exercise. Photo: Private/ Kerstin Stålhammar

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