Kerstin on the relationship with Klaus in Hotel romance: “A little uncomfortable”

Kerstin on the relationship with Klaus in Hotel romance A

Kerstin Stålhammar, 86, participated in Hotell romantik’s second season. During the program, she got an admirer, viz Klaus Dieter-Gucia77. The couple managed to bathe naked together, spend the night in the romantic cabin and go on dates during the week of filming, but what really happened afterwards?

News24 has contacted Kerstin, who reveals what the relationship with Klaus looks like today.

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Kerstin in Hotel romance: “Don’t go out alone”

When Nyheter24 talks to Kerstin, she has just been on a training trip to the Canary Islands. In the past year, she has been on six training trips. and she has several planned in the coming months.

Kerstin lives her life to the fullest, but when it comes to love, she hasn’t been as brave. Before Hotel romance, she hadn’t dated at all since her husband passed away.

– During those years I didn’t meet anyone, but I would have liked to, says Kerstin and continues:

– I’ve asked my girlfriends if they want to go out dancing many times, but they haven’t felt like it, or they’ve been in pain somewhere. And I don’t go out alone, I’m a coward there.

Kerstin was married for 52 years. In the last years, the husband became unwell and the dynamic between them changed. He no longer wanted her to go out and see her friends, because he didn’t want to be alone.

– I became very attached to him during the last five years. I had no freedom. It was not me. When I became alone, I had to live up, then I could bloom as a person again.

Kerstin often goes on training trips. Photo: Private/Kerstin Stålhammar. Kerstin about Klaus: “Very nice body”

In Hotel romance, it seemed to be heating up between Kerstin and Klaus, but for Nyheter24, Kerstin is clear that she and Klaus are not a couple today. Kerstin tells us that she likes Klaus as a friend, but that the romantic feelings never came.

– I didn’t feel for him that way. But it was great to go to the cabin and have some fun, enough fun that is, adds Kerstin and laughs.

She believes that Klaus reminded her of her late husband in many ways.

– He had a very nice body, but it was his manner that didn’t suit me. He wanted to rule and direct, then I felt “can’t I also be allowed to think and decide?” I don’t like that, it should be natural.

The couple leaves for the cabin in Hotel Romantik. Photo: Screen image/SVT.

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“A little uncomfortable”

Despite the fact that it did not become a love relationship, Kerstin and Klaus are heard on the phone. Kerstin says that Klaus often calls her. Partly to talk, but he has also asked if he can come to her house and offered Kerstin to accompany him on a motorhome holiday to Spain.

However, Kerstin has turned down a joint holiday.

– I find being tied up in a mobile home with a guy you don’t really know a bit uncomfortable. I want my freedom. But there is friendship between us.

They had also spoken after the episode with their nude bathing was broadcast on television. Klaus had then told Kerstin that he was moved when he saw their evening together.

– He said that he had tears in his eyes when he saw it. It was very nice.

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