Kerstin about Sven-Erik in Hotel romantik: “Dropped in my eyes”

Kerstin about Sven Erik in Hotel romantik Dropped in my eyes

In Sunday’s episode left Sven-Erik Sjögren, 72, Hotel romance, which Nyheter24 has previously reported on. During the season, Sven-Erik shocked the participants with his cheeky humor and equivocal clothes, and there were mixed feelings when he went home.

One who made sure to say goodbye to Sven-Erik was Kerstin Stahlhammar, 86. News24 has spoken to Kerstin, who reveals what she thought of Sven-Erik.

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Kerstin tells Nyheter24 that the production had a lot to deal with during the filming of Hotell romantik. Sven-Erik was a character who perhaps did not fit in with the group, but Kerstin is adamant that he was kind.

– He was probably a little different from the rest of us, Sven-Erik with his mankini. But he was the most handsome of them all. Handsome in body and laughed regularly, but he had his habits, of course, says Kerstin.

Kerstin believes that Sven-Erik was burdus as a person. She remembers back to when the group had a burning man themed beach party. She had her favorite music on her headphones and a glass of champagne in her hand, but suddenly she had been interrupted by Sven-Erik, who knocked the glass out of Kerstin’s hand.

– Then I said “what are you doing?”, and he replied that you shouldn’t drink while dancing. Then he actually sank in my eyes. But that was his style, he was burdus in his jokes.

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Sven-Erik in a mankini. Photo: Screen image/SVT.

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Sven-Erik’s nude dip in Hotel romance

The program also saw Sven-Erik undress and bathe naked in front of the rest of the participants, and the reactions to his stunt were not only positive.

– As a person, you feel a little ashamed in front of the ladies when someone acts in that way. It will be distasteful, bad atmosphere, said Lars Ljungström72, to SVT after Sven-Erik’s dip.

“It will be distasteful,” said Lars about Sven-Erik’s nude dip in Hotell romantik. Photo: Screen image/SVT. Kerstin about Sven-Erik: “God, how terrible”

Kerstin says that even the production had opinions about Sven-Erik’s nudity talk.

– I know that some of the production’s younger girls kept their mouths shut, and said “God, how horrible” when they saw Sven-Erik completely naked, says Kerstin and continues:

– But for me it’s rubbish, it has no meaning. They are the ones who get shocked.

When it was time for Sven-Erik to say goodbye to Hotell Romantik’s participants, Kerstin was there to say goodbye, along with a few others in the group. She thought it felt important that he was given a dignified farewell.

– There are no problems, at least that’s how I felt. He was happy when he left, I liked that. His face was shining and you could see his broad smile.

During 2024, all participants in Hotel romance will have a small reunion in Hunnebostrand. When Nyheter24 asks Kerstin if Sven-Erik hangs out with the rest of the gang, she replies that he doesn’t.

– I don’t know why, but he’s not going to the reunion or anything else.

Kerstin and Sven-Erik say goodbye to each other. Photo: Screen image/SVT.

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