Kemo Samateh sent out from Robinson in 2024 – accidentally resigned

Kemo Samateh sent out from Robinson in 2024 accidentally

Robinson 2024 is in full swing and yet another gang has settled on a tropical island to battle each other, the scorching heat, the biting crawlies but also against the worst enemy of them all – the ravenous hunger. This year’s gang is more colorful than ever and already in the first week the drama started.

In Robinson 2024, the production has chosen to divide the teams by gender, in other words the boys against the girls. In the boys’ camp, agreements are properly made, while in the girls’ camp there are already many open conflicts.

Before a competition, the girls bickered so loudly that the boys could be heard talking about competition tactics.

Therefore, Zayera Khan dropped out in the middle of the shoot

There has been a series of intrigues in the girls’ camp. Image source: TV4

– It’s a bit strange that the girls before the competition get so upset that we can’t hear it. But what can you say, it might benefit you in the long run, said Fredrik Bolander.

One participant who really stood out in the girls’ group was Zayera Khan. In the first intention of the season when the camp was to be built, many of the others in the group felt that she was “pointing with her whole hand” instead of helping.

– You tell everyone what to do without helping yourself? Like silent if you still don’t contribute, said Maureen Asic angrily.

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Zayera Khan in Robinson 2024. Image source: TV4

It all ended with Zayera being voted out by the group during one segment. She then got all the votes and ended up in Gränslandet. And even there, things have now started to cross between Zayera and other participants.

One participant who really found himself on Robinson Island and in the group is the personal trainer from Lund – Chemo Samateh36.

Robinson-Alexander died in the bathroom – found by his wife

That is why on Tuesday it came like a bolt from the blue that he would have to leave the competition.

Kemo Samateh leaves Robinson in 2024

In the boys’ camp, the afternoon passed with joy after some of them won a prize competition where, among other things, there was a valuable kindling steel in the pot. There was hooting and hooting even after one participant caught the group’s first fish (a super poisonous rockfish but who cares) then suddenly Anders Lundin appeared.

After a warm welcome, he asked Kemo if they could step aside for a bit to talk. And he then told me what it was all about.

Kemo was then informed that he was not allowed to remain on the island.

Kemo Samateh is forced to leave Robinson in 2024. Image source: TV4

– I have some sad news to bring. And it is that you did not follow the instructions and the information you received about your health before traveling here. In other words, your health is not safe here and therefore you must cancel your participation, they say Anders Lundin.

The other participants were very sad. Image source: TV4

– I have to cancel my participation?, asks Kemo.

This is of course very sad, but we cannot risk your health.

– I understand of course, replies Kemo.

When News24 comes into contact with the production, they further explain what happened. It was then that Kemo didn’t take all the vaccines you need to stay on the island, which slipped out of him on the fly.

Robinson-Alexander died in the bathroom – found by his wife

– There is a list of which vaccines all participants in Robinson need to take before departure. During recording, Kemo himself alerted our doctor that he missed taking some of the required vaccines. Therefore, he also had to leave Robinson for health reasons, says Caroline Norrbyexecutive producer for Robinson on TV4.