Karolina VonTilander “mocks and hangs out” users in the home care

Karolina VonTilander mocks and hangs out users in the home

Karolina “VonTilander” Tilander became a household name for the Swedish people when she entered Robinson 2023 last year. Even though she didn’t make it all the way to the final, she undeniably engaged in the cabins.

Some viewers probably recognized Tilander from another context. She was already an influencer when she entered the adventure program, and on Instagram and TikTok she has thousands of followers.

Tilander attracted a lot of attention for her wrestling, something that she has also been criticized for as it is something she has been working on in recent years. In an interview, she later told why she spoke with broken words – you can read more about that here.

Last autumn, Karolina was interviewed by The county newspaperand then she was asked why she stands out on social media.

– I am honest and raw. I’m not this little square package that most people are, where no one dares to say anything or have a different opinion. A big thing for me is that girls should dare to stand up for themselves. They should take up more space and dare to be natural. Not feeling the pressure that society has set with beauty ideals, Karolina told the newspaper.

Karolina VonTilander is criticized for clips about home care on TikTok

Now Karolina Tilander is met with massive criticism. In an attention-grabbing clip on TikTok, she writes “If anyone wonders why I stopped working in home care”.

In the video, she can be heard having a conversation with a man who is portrayed as a user in the home service. Karolina films herself from below, but the man’s voice is heard in the clip.

Whether or not the video is from an actual event has not been determined.

The fact that she posted the clip has now aroused extremely strong emotions. When Camilla Gervide, who runs the site Blog Watch but also the Instagram account with the same name, posted the clip and it didn’t take long before the comments started pouring in.

“Such incredibly unempathetic behavior. I hope there will be a report and a penalty. (And yes, it doesn’t matter that the user is “difficult”, it’s part of the job to be able to handle all kinds of people)”, writes one follower.

Other reactions read:

“Penalty for breaching confidentiality is a fine or imprisonment of up to one year…”

“Ouch!!! Filming/recording with care recipients is totally prohibited!!”

“Checked 3 entries and finds – aloof unsympathetic person. Probably bought followers.”

“Some people are just not made to take care of other people, she is a clear example of that.”

“Damn it was greedy, clearly done wrong”

“Ugh how distasteful, what happened to common sense and morals?!”

“She should be reported”

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